Private Kilimanjaro is Organizing Charity Challenges Climbs to Raise Funds

Private Kilimanjaro, a leading operator of Mt Kilimanjaro climbs, is now arranging charity challenges climbs to raise funds for a noble cause.

Online PR News – 02-July-2011 – – Dunstall, Staffordshire 01 July 2011: A noble cause that makes you feel 'On top of the world', literally! The prominent Mt Kilimanjaro climb operating service, Private Kilimanjaro is now organizing charity challenges climbs for raising money to support a worthy cause. They are assisting people all the way to the top of the highest free standing mountain in the world. The amount raised by a group or an individual goes to the charity the climbers support.

Informing about the new initiative, a manager of the company stated, “Whether a charity looking at putting on its own exclusive fund raising event, a group working together for a favorite charity or even an individual looking to help his/her chosen charity, we are more than delighted to assist them take on the incredible challenge of climbing Kilimanjaro. We help with all the aspects of planning the charity climbs, from choosing the best time of year for climbing Mt Kilimanjaro to selecting the appropriate route for the climbers.”

Participating in the charity challenges climbs, climbers have an incredible experience while they raise funds. Expert guides provided by Private Kilimanjaro lead the way to the highest summit of the mountain, Uhuru Peak. With all the relevant information, they ensure that the climbers know all they need to about the challenge. The organizer stresses upon the fitness of the climbers especially the novice who are participating in an adventurous climb for the first time.

Talking about the additional services, the manager stated, “Other than organizing everything, we are on hand to answer any other queries the climbers may have. To promote the charity climb campaign, we have an expert media team that can help you with press releases. Additionally, we also arrange a full range of promotional products from team shirts for your Kilimanjaro climb to our Information Pack which contains loads of practical advice on how to raise funds.

The prices of the charity challenges climbs are all inclusive of the essentials that are required during the climb. The best part is, no additional bills, no hidden costs! There price list is completely transparent. Other than their reasonable pricing, wholesome food, experienced guides and other essentials are provided to the people who opt to climb for charity Climb Kilimanjaro for charity is gaining popularity and emerging as a great way to raise funds.

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Private Kilimanjaro is a premier climb operator that assists people in climbing Uhuru Peak, the highest peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. The company organizes open group climbs as well as private climbs as per the requirements. with their best kits, they make sure that climbers have all that they need while they climb Kilimanjaro and help them acclimatize to reach the peak successfully.

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