Florblanca Resort Receives Sustainable Tourism Certification from Costa Rica Tourist Board

Florblanca Resort, a premier Costa Rica Resort in Santa Teresa on the Nicoya Peninsula, has recently obtained four out of five maximum possible leaves for its Sustainable Tourism Certification by the Costa Rica Tourist Board. Sustainability efforts include recycling and responsible waste management, conservation of electricity, and community involvement.

Online PR News – 04-July-2011 – – Hotel Florblanca, one of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica's most exclusive hotels and member of the hotel group Small Distinctive Hotels, officially received the result of its Sustainable Tourism Certification by the responsible committee of the Costa Rica Tourist Board (ICT). Florblanca Resort managed to be certified with 4 out of the 5 maximum possible leaves.

According to Cody Dillon, general manager of the hotel: "It has been an intensive process of 3 years, realized with passion by our entire staff. Our decision to be a sustainable hotel has enabled us to share with the community, raise awareness among our clients and develop projects which minimize our impact on the environment. Today we have managed to become the first hotel in the extreme south of the Nicoya Peninsula to obtain a certification of 4 leaves."

In order to achieve this certification, a balanced development needs to take place in 4 areas: the interaction of the hotel with its physical environment, the dispersion of information to raise awareness among guests, as well as the socio-economic involvement in the community and efficiency of its facilities.

Florblanca Resort pursued several efforts to comply with these developments.

Recycling Program and Waste Management: Part of the work realized by the hotel consists of the cleaning of surrounding beaches, a complete recycling program, re-using of materials, recycling organic waste products by means of composting, as well as responsible water management due to the installation of various water filters, presenting guests with biodegradable drinking bottles, a bio-filter to treat the residual waters from the kitchen as well as biodegradable cleaning products and packaging.

Conservation of Resources: The facilities maximize natural light by means of the infrastructure and tube tecnology. Awareness is raised among both guests and staff about electricity such as light and air conditioning, and reducing the daily change of linen and towels. Moreover electric cars are used on the compound.

Interaction with the Community: Florblanca actively participates in the community at every level and organizes fairs with themes such as sports, recycling and community security. The children of the public schools have received various benefits from the hotel, ranging from an English teacher to the purchase of school books. The hotel moreover contributes to the community by means of trainings for staff as well as the community. Another important aspect is that the hotel’s restaurant primarily purchases products from local merchants. For further information, please visit the following website: sustainability section of Florblanca Resort on our website for a complete overview of Florblanca’s sustainability activities.

To view photos of Florblanca Resort's sustainability efforts, please visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/florblanca/5658211055/in/set-72157626585249662/. Learn more about accommodations and amenities at Florblanca by visiting http://www.florblanca.com.