Raising Young Girls Despite a Toxic Environment

Parent Choices for Struggling Teens show talk about raising young girls with the current trends in our society.

Online PR News – 04-July-2011 – – "Many young girls come to us as victims of current trends in our society and we have to teach them how their acceptances of these attitudes are harming themselves," said Executive Director Cat Jennings and therapist Brooke Judkins PhD, with the Junior Boarding School for girls: Lake House Academy in North Carolina on LATalkRadio.com Monday June 27th.

Jennings and Judkins were guests of Lon Woodbury's, hosting his Internet Talk Radio show "Parent Choices for Struggling Teens" every Monday at noon PST on www.LATalkRadio.com

"The girls that come to us are in trouble, being victims through accepting many of our culture's attitudes and consequently being without confidence, without any real sense of boundaries, with few real accomplishments they could take pride in and weak abilities to develop positive relationships with their peers and their families," said Jennings and Judkins.

"To strengthen these areas of weaknesses on the part of the girls, we approach it from three perspectives: providing therapeutic counseling, teaching skills in how to connect positively with both family and friends, and work with them at their level of academics," concluded Jennings and Judkins.

"There are several aspects of our culture that are harmful to many young girls. Three of the most important are the tendencies toward over-sexualization of young girls, disconnected relationships through emphasis, instead on social media virtual relationships and permissive and rescuing parents," concluded Jennings and Judkins.

"Parents can do a lot to help their young girls, but many of them are themselves victims of society's attitudes and need help," concluded Jennings and Judkins," so a lot of the work we do is help parents learn better parenting skills."

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