The New PCH 6519, Full IP-65 State-Of-The-Art Panel PC from Acnodes Corp!

This Panel PC has is a water & dust proof unit with a stainless steel chassis and a front bezel.

Online PR News – 04-July-2011 – – The PCH 6519 is constructed of stainless steel and is strong enough to be able to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. It features a front bezel and is water & dust proof and a full IP-65. IP stands for Ingress Protection and relates to the ingress protection against dust. The second digit relates to the ingress protection against water. It comes with a 15-inch TFT SXGA LCD LCD panel which connects to the on board conversion board and supports a 10247 x 768 display resolution. The term nits is the unit of measurement of luminance, or the intensity of visible light and is used to describe the brightness of computer displays such as LCD panels and monitors. Sizes vary from 15", 17", and 19" and include an active type digital to digital which connects to the on board video. These panel pcs come with standard 15-pin VGA connector on the back of the panel pc for the external display and a resistive type touch screen is mounted on the front of the LCD panel that uses a 5-wire connection to the on-board COM port. What a resistive touch screen does is it allows for connecting cables to computers, routers, modems and other peripheral devices through the unit and provides protection for the LCD panel and is sealed around the front panel housing to prevent water and dust damage. If you are looking for a highly reliable server that can protect itself from all types of wear and tear, then you can certainly benefit from the new PCH 6519! Get yours from Acnodes Corp. today!
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