International Real Estate Portal re-launched with 50000 listings in 100 countries
07/01/2011 wants to be the leading online source for international investment properties, properties for a second or third home, and vacation properties in countries including Brazil, Turkey, Egypt, UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Thailand, Spain, India, Malta, Panama, Singapore, Caribbean, USA (Florida).

Online PR News – 01-July-2011 – – is a multifaceted real estate company and international real estate portal based in Toronto, Canada a vibrant, multicultural and cosmopolitan city, the financial capital of Canada.

Due to the ongoing market conditions, financial crisis, and downturn in the economies around the world, many real estate investors are hunting for cheap properties overseas and inexpensive properties abroad. This is an opportune time for real estate bargain hunters. is ideally positioned to cater to such real estate investment plans and goals due to their many cheap property listings in various countries including Turkey, Brazil, Thailand, Cyprus and Caribbean. Bargains are also available in previously booming markets like Dubai. It is worth emphasizing that many properties are selling at recently discounted prices, and the final selling price maybe even lower than that listed in the portal since sellers are closely and constantly monitoring the pulse of the markets and adjusting the prices accordingly.

The property types on our portal include villas, apartments, condos, houses, hotels, land, farms, vacation properties and rentals.", said CEO Chandra Rajaraman.

We have over 2400 registered sellers, many of whom are the best, and largest real estate developers, builders, agents and companies in the previously mentioned countries, looking for local and international / overseas buyers for their fine properties of all types.

In addition to inexpensive properties, has many fine land and hotel listings in Turkey, Egypt, Dubai, USA, Caribbean and Thailand for upscale real estate investors. We also welcome people who wish to buy a property in a foreign country to retire there due to a variety of reasons including lower cost of living, natural beauty, and fine climate. To summarize, has properties of various types and property sizes, for all budgets, and in numerous locations in many countries.

"It is a buyer's real estate market around the world, so sellers are desperate in many countries to find buyers, and is glad to provide an additional, effective avenue for sellers to promote their properties online to a global universe of buyers", said CEO Chandra Rajaraman.

"We have created easy to use wizards to enter property and business listings, and our data entry team is also available to enter them for you if you are challenged by the interface. We will support standards-based XML feeds for entry of listings in future. For buyers, we have advanced search forms to sift through the large repository of property listings", said CEO Chandra Rajaraman. allows 20 images/pictures and 2 PDF/Microsoft Word attachments to each property and business listing. is one of the first portals to promote properties in Brazil. Brazil is the venue for the 2014 Soccer World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics, so there is an enormous amount of construction occurring in Brazil. Respected analysts opine that the real estate appreciation in Brazil over the next 5-10 years is a certainty in tandem with the world events occurring there. Brazil also has a stable, investor-friendly government, political environment and laws. It has some of the finest beaches in the world as well as a sunny climate. We strongly encourage investors to review Brazil for investments carefully and thoroughly.

We are also focused on real estate in Turkey, and other countries. would also like to build an online real estate community. To achieve this goal, they have incorporated blog and forum functionalities to the site. The blogs are a repository of news releases related to real estate, useful and interesting articles on real estate, real estate market trends in many countries of interest to potential buyers and How-to Guides for purchasing real estate in many countries including Turkey, UAE(Dubai, Abu Dhabi), India, Malta, Egypt and Thailand. Site visitors are encouraged to add more useful content to the blogs and forums.

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