Understanding Social Media Etiquette is Essential for A Successful Social Media Campaign

As more brands look towards social networks to engage with customers, brands must first understand the etiquette of the different networks prior to beginning engagement with fans.

Online PR News – 30-June-2011 – – A detailed understanding of various social networks is essential before brands look to venture into the social sphere for marketing purposes, according to CrowdControlHQ, leading UK providers of online reputation management software.

Brand marketers have begun to wake up to the marketing opportunities at hand thanks to the continued rise in popularity of social networks. As user numbers have continued to increase, so have the number of brands looking to market themselves through digital avenues. However, without prior understanding of how different networks work and the type of users often associated with them, a brand may find itself lagging behind competitors that successfully utilise these networks to communicate with fans.

Given this, brands must make it a priority to fully understand how these different networks operate. Brands must look at the type of audiences associated with differing networks, and from that must determine how best to engage with these users – what is the average age demographic? What content do these users want to see? How likely are they to share such content? All these questions must be investigated prior to the creation of a social strategy.

From this research, a brand must be prepared to vary its content to meet the needs and likes of different network users. If the brand discovers users prefer different content and topics of discussion on one network compared to others, it must adapt its strategy to meet these requirements. Further to this, styling posts in a different manner to suit the limitations and guidelines of different networks is essential to ensure the full message is conveyed to fans and followers.

Calum Brannan, co-founder of CrowdControlHQ, said: “Social media has become such an important marketing tool that it is now imperative brands understand which networks are most suited to their online marketing campaign. As brands look to expand their online reach, they must style themselves to ensure they are approaching potential targets in the correct style and manner. Failure to adapt across different networks could have an eventual detrimental effect on the brand’s online strategy and visibility.”

CrowdControlHQ provides a dedicated social media monitoring tool to assist a brand to understand and manage its different social media profiles. CrowdControlHQ’s brand protection software will make it as easy as possible to connect with a wide-ranging online audience, maximising a brand’s online reach and visibility. For more information, please visit www.crowdcontrolhq.com or call 0845 686 5044.

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