Handmade Eco Friendly One Of A Kind Handbags And Accessories

Green is possible even in accessories now with the coming of exquisite handmade bags and other accessories by CordoBags.

Online PR News – 03-July-2011 – – Jupiter, USA; It is very difficult to separate women from handbags. Handbags are a part of their accessory and also help them carry their essentials. This includes their wallet, make up, mobile phone etc. Today when everyone is trying to be more environmentally conscious, handmade bags that are totally eco friendly are welcomed with open arms.

The Eco Friendly Handbag

Now there are eco friendly handmade handbags available in the market. Companies like CordoBags are pioneers in this area. The make bags from natural fibers and other material found in nature. They do not contain any chemical components or dye in them. These hand crafted bags are made by gifted people who know what they are doing. The company works on the designs for the bags and accessories and work with the expert craftsmen as well as artisans from the Zenu tribe of Colombia. They hand weave the material from natural fibers on a hand loom and then make the bags and accessories. There are mainly three types of weaves and materials used for CordoBags. The Mochila inspired bags are made with very fine thread. The thread used is the same that is used for Colombia’s famous hammocks. Mochila is made through crochet work by the Wayuu women who have to work for around 20 days to finish them. Their design and craftsmanship is therefore quite exquisite. If soiled, the Lucy collection items can be machine washed and dried and they are as good as new. The final collection called the Caña Flecha collection. These bags are very special as they are made from a rare palm leaf that grows in Colombia near where the Zenu tribe lives. These trees grow naturally and are free from any kind of fertilizers. As such the natural fibers of the bags do not pollute the environment by giving out toxins when they are in use. If any dyes are used in these handbags to give it unique coloring, they are also made from natural colors. The natural colors are made from vegetables, fruits and plant essence.

Other than the handmade handbags, the CordoBags also have a set of natural accessories that are a class of their own. These accessories like necklaces, bracelets and earrings are crochet from natural seeds like coffee beans, tag nuts, lime seeds, melon seeds, coconut etc.

It can be said that natural and eco friendly handmade handbags have found their niche in the fashion world. They are considered great fashion accessory. They are paired with shoes and other accessories made from the same natural material to give a coordinated look. Handmade bags are worn with pride by anyone who owns them. They are not only chic and considered a sign of high end fashion, but also a sign that the person using it cares for the ecology. They show one’s support to the environment. As such more and more people are turning to natural handbags.


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