Subconscious Restructuring® Applies Science to Life Coach & Counseling Disciplines

All life coach, counseling and mental health modalities have virtually no science behind them to indicate they work. Subconscious Restructuring® represents a powerful new standard that is changing the way everyone in mental health practices their profession.

Online PR News – 21-December-2009 – – Since Sigmund Freud discovered talk therapy and psychoanalysis in the late 1800’s, there has been little advancement in a modality for behavior change that works. One of the reasons for this is a means to measure whether one is making progress with a client. Neuroscientists and psychiatrists claim the processes of the human mind and the physiology of the brain is too complex to measure accurately. This could not be further from the truth if we start by looking at a couple of basic issues and simply ask… “What questions need to be answered in order to resolve the issue of taking control of what controls me?”

The first question of “What controls me?” is uncomplicated. It is the subconscious. Our conscious mind exists solely to receive and deliver everything we have ever seen, heard, felt, tasted or smelled to the subconscious. The subconscious uses this information to determine how we respond emotionally to our world.

This leads us to the next question of “What determines an emotional state?” This is an important question because one’s emotional state determines one’s behavior. The subconscious stores all information one has ever taken in so the answer to this question is simply “the subconscious.” If we can agree thus far the next question would be “How do I get control of the information or programming in the subconscious?” The answer is to understand how the subconscious works.

Once one understands how the subconscious works, one can begin the process of taking control. At this point, one also needs a means of measuring the results and what is most important to measure. To determine these, we simply back up and ask, “What determines human behavior?” As we have already established, what determines human behavior is one’s emotional state. The most important measurement we need to monitor then is our emotional state if we are to have any impact on our behavior.

There are emotional checklists in relatively wide use, with most used to determine whether you are depressed or not. When this is determined, you have just signed up for a variety of pharmaceuticals and therapy that can last years in order to get the right combination to sort of get better. This is not the case with the only evidence-based program process in mental health known as Subconscious Restructuring® (SR®). SR® measures one’s emotional state as a baseline and improves on these numbers in as little as four hours*. SR® accomplishes this by guiding one through the process of how to restructure subconscious processes that may put one in an emotional state that does not work.

The bottom line is without asking a couple of very fundamental questions, one will never be able to resolve the biggest issue of our society and this is our mental health. It is time for all in the life coach, counseling and mental health disciplines to prove what they say they can produce and to stop guessing.

About the Author

Kelly Burris, PhD is a behavioral scientist, author of nine books on human behavior and the developer of Subconscious Restructuring®. SR® has 26 years of research refinement and documented results in regard to the full spectrum of human behavior. Kelly offers a Counseling – Life Coach Certification based on the SR® process.

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