Inspiration the Wacky Wisdom Way

The company that can inspire the young and the old about life, personality, relationships and more the madcap way.

Online PR News – 01-July-2011 – – Sydney, Australia -- Time and again, it has been said that laughter is the best medicine. Even the famous magazine, Reader’s Digest, features such a section in its pages for decades now. Apparently, adding humor to elicit laughter and good spirits does not apply only to sick people. Truth-seeker Dr. EsanSakaii, an inspirational cartoonist and engineer, wanted an improvement in the quality of life of people in the society in a way that can be funny but helpful. He founded Wacky Wisdom on March 14, 2011 to create an inspirational way of quality of life education that is combined with humor. Dr. Sakaii designs and presents quality of life seminars and workshops and works in partnership with leading international researchers and experts working in the areas of quality of life from a variety ofdisciplinescovering psychology, sociology, economics to science and technology.

The company spreads motivation and encouragement by presenting programs to schools and the corporate world – programs that can help teachers, students, parents, management and employees become motivators, inspirations and contributors to improve the quality of life and ultimately all that affects it. Wacky Wisdom offers seminars and workshops all over Australia for schools, universities and organizations promoting hands-on activities that range fromevents to projects, social actions and measures plus a lot more.

The programs offered by Wacky Wisdom encompass everyone regardless of religious affiliation, age, gender, race, culture or social ranking because we all have basic universal needs. Every individual has something or someone they treat as significant in their lives and this is important in driving inspiration. It helps one achieve a degree of greatness in them. This is what Wacky Wisdom wishes to ignite and develop through lessons filled with motivational enjoyment that can help an individual achieve greatness in his or her own way.

Traversing the path of life means dealing with lessons that can be learned either the hard or the easy way but which can be turned from sorrow to joy, sadness to happiness by making it an inspiring education. This is where the company can help. Become a part of what can bring a smile to someone wherever you may be. You may be a teacher, a student, an employee or a boss, allow Wacky Wisdom help you become an inspiration and in turn stimulate others achieve greatness that everyone seeks.

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