The Select Family of Staffing Companies Is the First National Staffing Firm to Offer Video Resumes

Dated staffing models will no longer suffice in the information age

Online PR News – 30-June-2011 – Santa Barbara, CA – The staffing industry has experienced significant growth over the past year as the nation begins to emerge from a deep recession. This growth has enabled staffing firms to reinvest in technology, which many put on the back burner during cost cutting necessitated by the recession.

The Select Family of Staffing Companies - the ninth-largest staffing firm in the United States, with headquarters in Santa Barbara, California – recognized that video and social media are playing a vital role in today's hiring process. The challenge was to identify a platform to meet this emerging trend. Recently, Select forged a relationship with, a leading provider of digital video technology for the search, recruiting, and staffing industry.

By utilizing TalentRooster’s technology, Select's applicants can highlight their qualifications to prospective employers using a video platform. These videos then can be transmitted to clients electronically thus allowing clients to see and hear candidates answer questions specific to their needs, before ever meeting the candidate in person. In addition to the video, clients can add written questions and other testing to further vet potential candidates. This innovative advancement in the recruiting and placement field offers additional value to clients in streamlining and shortening the interview process and gives applicants the opportunity to stand out among dozens of competitive job seekers.

With this new technology we hope to speed up the process for our job seekers and get their talents in front of our clients faster.

“We care about our clients and job seekers, and have the best interests of both in mind,” says Select President Paul J. Sorensen. “With this new technology, we hope to speed up the process for our job seekers and get their talents in front of our clients faster.”

With over 400 U.S. locations across the U.S. doing business as Select Staffing® (SelectRemedy in Illinois), Remedy Intelligent Staffing®, RemX® Specialty Staffing, Westaff®, Select Truckers Plus, Select Medical Staffing, Project Solvers, and Power Training Institute, The Select Family has exercised strong leadership in the staffing industry. Select’s senior leadership believes that this cutting-edge Video Resume technology will further guarantee the success of the job seekers they help every day, as well as provide Select with a competitive advantage over other staffing companies.

“We firmly believe that video will continue to play a vital role in the hiring process and we want to be the industry leaders,” says Gunnar Gooding, Select’s Senior Vice President. “We took a hard look at other video providers but believe TalentRooster best aligned with our objectives.”

With unemployment hovering nationally near ten percent, job seekers need every tactical advantage available. TalentRooster believes that a professional digital video profile will increase a candidate’s chance for hire by thirty percent or more. Since TalentRooster’s launch in June of 2010, over 10,000 candidates have created video resumes, and the numbers keep growing. Based in Columbus, Ohio, TalentRooster has expanded to 43 search, recruiting, and staffing firms in 20 U.S. markets, and interest is growing fast.

TalentRooster expects to be in every U.S. market by the end of 2011, and thanks to the relationship with Select, that goal seems possible. “Select has a proven track record of success on a national level, and we are excited to assist them in furthering their ‘unstoppable’ reputation,” says TalentRooster CEO David DeCapua.

"We firmly believe that very soon the one dimensional "paper" resume will be obsolete," says DeCapua. "Candidates and clients are starting to demand that video become an intricate part of the hiring process - it just makes sense that the staffing industry keep pace with the evolving technology landscape."

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