Connect out loud with TalkBox Voice Messenger for Android

Hong Kong based TalkBox Ltd. today announces a recent update of TalkBox Voice Messenger for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Already boasting over one million registered iOS users, TalkBox Version 1.3 to support both English and Chinese languages, fix a number of minor technical issues, and add in easier navigation between multiple conversations within the app as well.

Online PR News – 03-July-2011 – – Hong Kong , China -- TalkBox Limited, a R&D unit of Green Tomato Ltd., has today announced the recent arrival of TalkBox Voice Messenger Version 1.3. Surpassing one million active users in April, there’s little argument that TalkBox is quickly changing the way we communicate and digest information on the go. The concept behind the app is simple: TalkBox lets its user’s record sound bites and instantly message them to friends, whole groups of contacts at once, or even post them on their own social networking platforms. If they’d like to share their locations, they can quickly geo-tag each of their voice messages and show everyone where they were when their sound bit went out too.

“I don’t usually blog about apps, but I think for the first time I’ve definitely found an app worth writing about.”

- Jonathan Fun |

The beauty of the TalkBox format is that it’s just as easy for users to create and distribute their own messages – whether they’re in the form of a “mini-podcast” or a simple voice greeting – as it is for listeners to receive and respond to them. This raw ‘click-and-go’ structure has driven TalkBox to rank as the #1 Social Networking App on more than five countries’ App Stores for weeks at a time, and the app doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. TalkBox Version 1.3 is currently available for download on the Android Market for Free.

“I’ve found this application today and I think it’s awesome! It’s go a simple and intuitive design, its fast and organized – I mean it, this has become on of my favorites apps.”

- Pedro Agustín Cela | from Argentina

TalkBox was recently updated to support both English and Chinese languages, overhauled to fix a number of minor technical issues, and renovated to add in easier navigation between multiple conversations. Nothing was taken away or drastically changed, just tweaked to make sure the app is and will continue to operate to its fullest. The app’s developer have worked tirelessly to engage their users and encourage them to thread the TalkBox experience through their Twitter and Facebook accounts to unleash its unbridled potential, and the users have obliged them in droves. If TalkBox’s main social engagement enablers – aptly named Agent Facebook and Agent Twitter – sound more like secret agents than app utilities, it’s because they operate just as smoothly.

In no time the app’s users ran wild with this idea, realizing that it had almost endless potential. Utilizing the app’s other sharing tool -- Agent Broadcast – TalkBoxers ranging from the Average-Joe to famous DJ’s have manipulated the app’s Twitter and Facebook integration to set up their own viral Radio Stations. Regardless of whether its friends sharing daily updates, business groups keeping each other in the loop about professional developments, hungry TalkBoxers ordering takeout from tech savvy diners, or popular musicians keeping their most loyal fans on the razors edge of their new music, TalkBox is tying people together one audio blip at a time.

“Thanks for the assist! I had several friends download and start using the app… They love it! Especially one who has crippled fingers found it a life saver!”

- Michael C. Martin

There’s good reason that TalkBox Voice Messenger has been stirring up buzz ever since its initial launch. People have reacted in droves to its sheer usefulness and the innovative spin on how we reach out to one another. Presenting differently-abled users with an easy means of alternative communication that happens to fit their impairments may not have been one of the developer’s primary goals when they thought TalkBox. That said, it perhaps offers the best example of exactly how much potential the app’s idea, combined with its flawless execution, hold for users both today and in the future. Heck, it may help explain why TalkBox Version 1.3 was created with developers holding not simply thousands but millions of users in mind less than a year after its initial launch as well.