Lawmate Covert Cameras Providing Satisfaction & Security

DogCam have used their fantastic business expertise and links in the camera industry to bring Lawmate UK and their covert cameras over to the UK, making these nifty little gadgets available to the public.

Online PR News – 03-July-2011 – – Covert Cameras naturally have more of a reputation of being something which James Bond, or someone in a secret crime fighting organisation might use, rather than someone in their very own home, however, Lawmate UK and DogCam Sport have worked together to change this common misconception.

Lawmate UK now provide a fantastic wide range of covert cameras on their website so that any member of the public can bring one of these great little gadgets to their own home and revel in all of the benefits they provide.

Contrary to what you may believe, you don't need to be infiltrating a multinational corporation to uncover corruption or fighting the latest international super villain and their mysterious white lap-cat, these cameras can help in the average families every day life.

From the serious to the humorous, family security to trying to find out who ate the last double chocolate chip cookie, with their brand new range of self contained covert cameras, you can bring a spy phone or a secret hidden camera key into your home and ensure you know exactly what's going on.