Subconscious Restructuring® Complies with Rand Study as Only Evidence-Based Program Process for PTSD

A Life Coach discipline known as Subconscious Restructuring® is the only evidence-based program process in mental health to uniformly comply with an extensive Rand Study on PTSD in the Military

Online PR News – 20-December-2009 – – A Rand study from the Center for Military Health Policy Research titled “Invisible Wounds of War” supports an evidence-based plan for intervention and prevention of PTSD and Suicide in the military. Subconscious Restructuring® or SR® ® has 25 years of research, development and documented results with the primary symptom of PTSD and suicide. The Rand study just confirmed what we have been attempting to convey to the mental health system for almost 20 years states Kelly Burris, PhD, developer of the SR® process.

The Rand study establishes several conclusions that are clearly stated in the SR® plan for the military titled “Implementation of Evidence-Based SR® Process into the Military.” The primary instrument used in the SR® process for data collection is an Emotional Checklist. The Emotional Checklist measures 18 components that are determinants for a depressed state with Fear, Guilt and Anger identified to be the most significant.

The SR® process is based on the reality that all human behavior is emotionally driven and you cannot change an emotional state unless you fully understand how an emotional state comes about. This is afforded by simply answering the following question… “What determines an emotional state and behavior?” One cannot fix it (PTSD) if one does not know how it comes about and one does not know how it comes about if one cannot answer this question. No one in the mental health or coaching disciplines poses this question let alone answers it. The SR® process not only definitively answers this question it has a proven infrastructure to act upon the answer.

The SR® process establishes a precedent in regard to treatment for all disorders in that it looks at how an individual processes information from the deepest level of the subconscious. It then guides the individual through the process of how to recognize, access and change the internal subconscious processes causing the trauma. This is in contrast to current treatments which look for an external event that may have caused the trauma and then guessing how to treat it. This process of guessing can take up to six years to find the right combination of medication and therapy according to a recent PBS special called “Depression Out of the Shadows.”

Rand estimates the cost for PTSD-related and major depression–related costs could range from $4.0 to $6.2 billion over two years (in 2007 dollars). They estimated that evidence-based treatment for PTSD and major depression would pay for itself within two years. Evidence-based care for PTSD and major depression could save as much as $1.7 billion, as well as reductions in the expected number of suicides.

The “Implementation of Evidence-Based SR® Process into the Military” proposal covered every issue and beyond brought up by this extensive Rand study. Following are the four recommendations made by Rand after the study and how they would each be addressed by the implementation of the SR® Process.

1. Increase the cadre of providers who are trained and certified to deliver proven (evidence-based) care, so that capacity is adequate for current and future needs.
Implementation and integration of the Burris SR® process will begin with SR® Certification of selected Military leadership, psychiatrists, psychologists, chaplains, and Family Support Center staff, then proceed to workshops involving PTSD and/or suicidology-identified warriors and their families, then the general unit population, and their families. Master-level SR® Certifiers would initially Certify the leadership and intervention staff, then assist in the warrior/family workshops. Over time, each unit and base will reach a point of self-sustaining competence, and the SR® staff would then both monitor incoming data from completed units and their families, and begin to implement the SR® program for other units and commands world-wide.

2. Change policies to encourage active duty personnel and veterans to seek needed care.
The evidence-based SR® process is not psychotherapy and therefore would remove the stigma of seeking help. Everyone from new recruits to returning Warriors would go through the SR® Process as part of their entry and exit from the military. A simple Follow-up with the emotional checklist could be done all throughout the term of military service which would eliminate guessing who might need help.

3. Deliver proven, evidence-based care to service members and veterans whenever and wherever services are provided.
As an already proven evidence-based intervention program with most mental health problems over some 25 years, the infrastructure put in place by Master SR® Counselors/Coaches would allow all service members to become a self-perpetuating healing and wellness intervention unit over time. This would ensure everyone within the Military that needed help would get it.

4. Invest in research to close information gaps and plan effectively.
The SR® process is based on hard data not experimental observational subjective data. The information generated in the implementation and use of the SR® process would provide unprecedented research data that would close the information gaps and allow for effective planning.

Rand spoke of accountability which is the foundation of the SR® process. They stated that the “black box” of psychotherapy delivered to veterans must be made more transparent, so that providers are accountable for their services. Everyone Certified in the SR® Process is required to implement before - after and follow-up data collection. No one in the mental health or coaching disciplines has or requires this process.

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About the Author

Kelly Burris, PhD is a behavioral scientist, author of nine books on human behavior and the developer of Subconscious Restructuring®. SR® is the only evidence-based program process in behavioral health and the only proven process for depression. Kelly offers a Counseling – Life Coach Certification based on the SR® process.

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