New Software Released to Block Website Access

There are countless benefits that the Internet brings with it but there are, also, lot of negative things related to the Internet. Gold Limiter, software designed to control access to websites, is released.

Online PR News – 03-July-2011 – – A provider of computer software AxiomCoders released an application called Gold Limiter which can be used to block website access. It is now possible to block desired website for a period of time or exactly at specific times during the week.

Today, life without the Internet cannot be imagined. There are countless benefits that the Internet brings with it but also, on the other hand, there are a lot of negative things. As the number of people in world who have internet access increases, also, the number of people who become addicted to the certain websites arises. Internet is a fastest way to get to pornographic content and that fact worries parents more and more. These and many other elements are the reason why the need to limit access to certain websites arises.

AxiomCoders created software called Gold Limiter which can be used to control and block access to desired sites. Parents can use Gold Limiter to block some sites to their kids completely or at specific times of the week. Company owners can use it to block, for example, access to social networking sites to their employees. Gold Limiter can also block access to desired web pages completely on computer and thus help, for example, students that are distracted to concentrate on studying.

Gold Limiter comes with simple installation, easy to use interface and it is password protected so nobody can use it without proper authentication. Users are in position to limit access to desired websites, if not completely, just to one hour a day for example. It is worth telling that all major proxies that enable reaching web pages will be, also, blocked. It comes with three different ways of blocking:
1. Normal on/off locking switch
2. Time locking that enables to block websites to specific times during the week, with half an hour precision
3. Duration lock that limits usage of websites for a limited period of time during the day
4. Total locking mechanism which will forbid access for specified time duration without chance to unlock it.

Everyone interested in application that can block website access can download Gold Limiter and check additional information by visiting official website Gold Limiter comes with fully functional 7 days trial period.