The Gonarezhou Transfrontier Park rangers will receive new uniforms

The Gonarezhou Transfrontier Park in Mozambique keeps on improving its services. Currently the park managers, or in other words rangers have 100 uniforms at their disposal.

Online PR News – 03-July-2011 – – These were made by the BLACKHAWK! Company, which delivers its goods to armies and special op units around the world.

Uniforms are designed so that the rangers are sufficiently protected from the surrounding weather conditions while performing their work. Each uniform has the Gonarezhou Transfrontier Park logo. Logos are placed on the t-shirts as well as shirts. Logos on the ranger uniforms will be mainly for the park visitor, who will recognize them by these.

About Gonarezhou Transfrontier Park

Gonarezhou Transfrontier Park spans across Mozambique and is one of the largest private African parks. It neighbors and fluently ties into the Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe. The primary objective for the Gonarezhou Transfrontier Park is to protect the natural wealth preserved in the area that is practically untouched by humans.

Another integral activity of this park is a sensitive, sustainable and long term development of local communities. Park activities focus on the construction of schools, hospitals, healthcare facilities, water reservoirs or the development of local infrastructure. All these steps are taken with utmost consideration for the environment while respecting the pristine state and beauty of this area. There is a possibility to actively help this region as part of the Helping Africa charity drive. More information is available at

Contact information

Gonarezhou Transfrontier Park, Česká republika
Bc. Gabriela Dihelová
phone: +420 721 300 000

Community Development Program Coordinator:
Dana Neumanová
phone: +420 720 400 000

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