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This article is about the newly launched site which promises to give you all the information you need to know about mortgages et al

Online PR News – 03-July-2011 – – If you are in the market for reverse mortgage or even mortgage refinance, do you know where you can find the best options listed? The answer to this question lies in online directories that are dedicated to mortgage related services. There are even online mortgage services available that you can make use of to get great mortgage deals. If you need any kind of mortgage related service, simply log on to This site, true to its name, promises to give you the best companies dealing with all kinds of mortgage related services. It makes good sense to learn a little about what mortgage actually is and about terms like reverse mortgage and mortgage refinance before you opt for these services.

In recent times, the term mortgage and mortgage loans have become synonymous with each other, in terms of everyday usage. A mortgage is always secured against real property with the help of a mortgage note. Mortgage loans are available to aspiring property buyers, be it residential property or commercial property, and this can be done either by dealing directly with the Bank or other financial institutions or through intermediaries like online mortgage services and other mortgage broking firms. A reverse mortgage is a form of equity release that is open to U.S. citizens aged 62 and above. In this type of equity release, the equity share of the mortgage holder is released as one lump sum or as monthly payments and the mortgage company holds the property in lien until the owner passes away or the house is sold. If the value of the property increases after the reverse mortgage has been taken out, then a second or third reverse mortgage can also be taken. Moving on to mortgage refinance, refinancing refers to the closing of the existing mortgage and taking out a new one. Mortgage refinancing is usually done to take advantage of a better or lower interest rate or to reduce monthly payments or to consolidate all debts under one loan.

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