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The Manufacturing Mentor provides manufacturing companies with a range of solutions to help them improve their financial bottom-line and increase performance in their production systems.

Online PR News – 03-July-2011 – – June 29, 2011 - Many manufacturing companies around the world have had challenging times in the last few years. For some it has been coping with rapid growth, for many the challenge has been how to remain competitive in an increasingly volatile market where input costs, currency variations, and increasing customer demands add pressure to the business to remain competitive.

These sources of pressure generally result in at least 7 of the following 11 symptoms being present in a manufacturing business.

1.#Poor Delivery Performance that Frustrates Customers and Causes Continual Friction;
2.#Continually Increasing Pressure to reduce Inventory;
3.#Profits Flat or Decreasing;
4.#Continual Need To Increase Outputs from Existing Equipment and Employees;
5.#Wildly Volatile Market Demands;
6.#Ever Increasing Competition from other Companies;
7.#Continual Improvement of Quality, Safety, Environmental & other compliance requirements without Funds;
8.#Intense Downward Price Pressure while Input Costs are Increasing;
9.#Executives and Staff Who Are Short of Time and Energy to handle this Day after Day, Week after Week; and
10.#Executives and Staff Whose Personal Life and Family Are Suffering.

Companies have searched for solutions to these problems for many years and most look to Lean Manufacturing to help improve these issues. This has resulted in an increasing uptake of lean manufacturing practices to improve systems and profits. Lean manufacturing was originally derived from Toyota’s extremely efficient and effective management system. At its most basic level, lean manufacturing consists of optimizing production flows to increase efficiency in systems, reduce waste, and test and measure the effectiveness of every step in the manufacturing process. The overall intent of lean manufacturing is continuous improvement to create better value for all stakeholders, customers, employees, community, and shareholders.

Challenges To Applying Lean Manufacturing Principles
Owners and managers of manufacturing companies are often faced with two broad challenges when looking to implement lean manufacturing practices in their business. One difficulty is actually finding the time to develop and review systems within their business, on top of their already hectic schedules. The second difficulty is perhaps being ‘too close’ to the business. The best way to overcome both challenges is to bring in an external consultant with expertise in manufacturing, who can look at the processes with fresh eyes and provide advice on how to best improve the financial bottom-line.

The Manufacturing Mentor is one such lean consulting firm that can assist manufacturing companies to develop and apply business efficiency strategies. In addition, Manufacturing Mentor can deliver lean manufacturing training across a diverse range of industries from automotive, through to steel, and whitegoods.

For over 20 years, Jason Furness has been involved in various aspects of the manufacturing sector. Jason has a proven track record of applying lean manufacturing, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and six sigma principles in numerous businesses to massively increase efficiency and profits. In more recent times, as an Executive Coach and Mentor, Jason has helped many business owners and executives apply lean manufacturing principles in their own businesses to improve their bottom-line. Jason Furness truly is ‘The Manufacturing Mentor’ and now strives to share his valuable insights to assist others in the manufacturing sector to massively increase their business profits.

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