Sebastian Rametta – A Respected Name In the Food Service Industry

This press release aims to inform the readers about the founding partner and executive vice-president of the extremely popular brand The Original Soupman, Mr. Sebastian Rametta.

Online PR News – 29-June-2011 – – The immense success of Original Soupman is not a result of the efforts of a single man, but is due to the teamwork of its founding partners which includes Al Yeganeh and Sebastian Rametta. While the former has been responsible for producing delicious soups made with original recipes and ingredients sourced from across the world, the latter is a great visionary, who has planned the growth and success of the company in a systematic manner. The confidence of giving a practical shape to his dreams and taking calculated risks for the progress and prosperity of the business, make Mr. Rametta one of the most respected and successful entrepreneurs in the food service industry.

Sebastian Rametta possess all the traits necessary to be a successful businessman and this, in combination with his dedication and hard work, has helped him to create one of the most popular and successful brands in the food service industry. He is a highly experienced person, with the right kind of business acumen, skill and courage that are necessary for not only recognizing the emerging business options but for exploiting them for the overall benefit of the company. As soon as he has successfully achieved his goal, Mr. Rametta gets busy in planning the strategies for achieving the next milestone.

Mr. Sebastian Rametta is a great source of inspiration for young entrepreneurs wishing to make it big in their chosen field of business. His zeal to make Original Soupman into a national brand was backed by his vast experience in the food service industry and his personal involvement in the various areas of operation of the chain of Original Soupman restaurants. He pays great attention to even the smallest details that might hamper the growth of his organization and is also involved with the various aspects related to the everyday functioning of growing chain of restaurants. He firmly believes in maintaining the quality of all the products sold under the brand name of Original Soupman, and ensuring total client satisfaction, by seeking regular feedback and suggestions.

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