Nashville Metros Declare Drug-Free Day

The Nashville Metros Soccer team honored the United Nations Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking in a special way.

Online PR News – 01-July-2011 – – Drugs are a problem in all communities. According to the UN, an estimated 210 million people internationally consume illegal drugs.

"Governments have a responsibility to counteract both drug trafficking and drug abuse, but communities can also make a major contribution," according to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon of the United Nations.

So to honor the day declared by the United Nations as “Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking,” the Nashville Metros Soccer team along with their sponsors the Foundation for a Drug-Free World (DFW), declared their own official Drug-Free Day at the soccer game held on June 26.

Each member of the audience as well as players from the Nashville Metros and the opposing Fort Lauderdale Schultz Academy were presented with a Truth About Drugs booklet. DFW created these booklets to educate young and old alike on the dangers and effects of drugs. “These booklets show the truth that people need to hear,” says Audra Thomas who works with the Tennessee chapter of DFW.

During halftime, members from the Foundation for a Drug-Free World read information to everyone on the dangers of drugs and their side effects in both English and Spanish.

Team members of the Nashville Metros wear the Drug-Free Logo on their uniforms and spread the word on drugs wherever they go, whether it’s Louisiana, Florida, or Tennessee. According to Thomas, “The Metros took it upon themselves to spread this drug-free message and we are so proud to be partnered with them.”

For more information or to obtain a copy of the Truth About Drugs visit