'Killing A Demonic King You Don't Know Exist' - Alicia Barber's New Thriller Lacey Mystery

Spiritual, Mystery, Romance, Suspense, Thriller

Online PR News – 17-July-2011 – Houston, Texas 77084 – WHERE DOES MY DAUGHTER GET THE ABILITY TO FIGHT DEMONIC KINGS? Alicia Barber's "Lacey Mystery" ebook of "sugar and spice everything nice" couldn't have prepared "Lacey Bloom" for the mystical experience about to unfold in her life. A restless spirit is awakening in Lacey to reveal a deep, dark family secret that will require spiritual protection. "Quiet as it is kept" the suspense of clues left in this mystery has Lacey's life turned around. The bumpy, curvy road of Lacey mystery in her new life cycle, will open up the secrets locked deep inside of her. It will indulge her to meet the man of her dreams or the man that haunts her night mares. Clues that are left for her will be a mind boggling puzzle which will unravel as she puts all the mystery pieces together; even the unexpected clues unleashing the spiritual protection Lacey will use for the rest of her life. With the spirits guiding her and using her God given gifts, this secret will either save her or get her killed.

sugar and spice everything nice

This suspenseful mystery will help you realize your dreams. Are you living out your dream, the God given talent he has placed inside of you? Is your heart tugging and pulling waiting for you to release your dream? In the many twists and turns in this thriller of secrets the spirit will lead you to believe one thing and still question another. Come see if Lacey Bloom follows the right spirit to save her life.

The author Alicia Barber is following her heart. Follow her at http://freewebstore.org/AliciazCreationz. As a school bus driver/writer she was inspired to write this long awaited, stepping out on faith spiritual novel. The spirits whispered to her 1am in the morning just in enough time to get ready for work at 6 am, supplying her with the strength it takes to raise a family on her own in a big city. She has stepped out of herself and has 3 more spiritual novels waiting to be unleashed. Raising two kids on her own was very difficult to find the time to write, but if you want something bad enough you'll make it happen.

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