Uneak Press, Inc. Releases Sociopolitical Thriller “Wednesday’s Child” By J. A. Carlton

Uneak Press, Inc., is pleased to announce its latest fiction release, “Wednesday’s Child”, the first in her “Freedom Fighter” series, by Screenwriter / Novelist J.A. Carlton.

Online PR News – 30-June-2011 – – Austin, Tx., June, 2011 –

Uneak Press, Inc. A locally owned and operated publishing house that specializes in fiction by authors driven by passion and vision over formula, released its second work by Thriller screenwriter/novelist J.A. Carlton. Titled “Wednesday’s Child”, this sociopolitical thriller is the first in Carlton’s Freedom Fighter trilogy.

“Wednesday’s Child” is the story of a genetically engineered soldier who harbors secrets that sinister government agencies will do anything to get their hands on. The story takes place in 2055 with an America that has been cut off from the global community. To push through a terrifying experiment in genetic cleansing, over 70% of the population of the United States has been selected for extermination.

Carlton blends social, political, economic and scientific elements with the timeless battle of right vs. wrong, or good vs. evil and the choices of today that echo through the future in frequently unforeseen ways.

“The Freedom Fighter series is a science fiction thriller built on our every day realities.” Says Elaine Zuliani – Co-Founder, CFO and Spokes-person for Uneak Press, Inc.

Uneak Press prides itself on being a “Publisher for Writers who are Passionate about Their Craft.” Founded in January, 2011 this locally owned and operated company has established itself as a champion of good, solid storytelling rather than collegiate affiliations and degrees, providing a haven for storytellers, artisans and wordsmiths.

“You don’t have to have a degree to be a good storyteller, and you shouldn’t have to have one to be recognized as such.” Elaine Zuliani.

Over the next twelve months Uneak Press, Inc. is planning on releasing no less than three more works by J.A. Carlton, as well as introducing another new and local Austin author to its family in the summer of 2012.