New Launch of theLocBox Allows Users to Take Control of their Own Security

Best Selling author Stephen Joyce and Software development pioneer Doug Oucharek have teamed up to address a long necessary security gap in the online file sharing and data storage markets with the introduction of theLocBox.

Online PR News – 30-June-2011 – – Penticton, BC, June 28, 2011 - With the introduction of theLocBox, users can take control of their own data file transfer and date file storage security. A simple to use interface to existing cloud technologies, theLocBox adds a military grade level of encryption to file transfers and storage adding a stronger layer of security to existing cloud systems.

Stephen Joyce, Co-Creator of theLocBox and online collaboration expert says this about theLocBox, "The ability to work in a virtual space literally opens up worlds of opportunity. Unfortunately, if you can’t work in a secure virtual space, knowing that your data is protected, all of your efforts are lost.

theLocBox provides you with that extra layer of security and confidence that your hard work is protected".

What makes theLocBox unique is that the user holds the "key" to the encrypted data. All files are stored in a vault folder within the existing cloud technology and the user creates the keys to the vault. It is at the user’s discretion to share the key. Private data cannot be accessed without the key.

Co-creator Doug Oucharek of Cadent Computing states, "Cloud storage has brought a new level of utility to the numerous smart devices and computers we use daily. However, it has also brought security concerns on how safe our private data is from hackers."

Installing theLocBox on all the computers using the same Dropbox account lets you access your LocBox-protected files on any of them. All you need to do is enter the same keys on all copies of theLocBox and they will all be able to encrypt/decrypt files in your vault folder.

In a recent article at, Mathias Thurman stated, "I actually like the idea of storage data in the cloud. It sure saves money, and it offers quite a bit of flexibility in terms of the availability of data. But that easy availability becomes a liability if there's any chance that sensitive data could be involved." theLocBox provides that extra level of security to protect that sensitive data.

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Doug Oucharek, co-creator of theLocBox, Founder of Cadent Computing Inc., is a 23 year software development veteran, specializing in network and security software development. A pioneer in his industry, he has worked with a wide range of companies, including several in the Fortune 500, and a number in the Fortune 50 list.

Stephen Joyce, co-creator of theLocBox, an expert on collaborative intelligence, Stephen is the author of the Amazon bestseller, ‘Teaching an Anthill to Fetch - Developing Collaborative Intelligence @ Work’. His work has been featured on and he has consulted in organizational effectiveness for over twenty years.

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