Good Neighbor Hotels in Orlando - Traveling with Teens

The Disney Good Neighbor hotels program is important to Disney; they know that a bad hotel experience can ruin a vacation, and Disney does not want their guests to have a bad vacation.

Online PR News – 29-June-2011 – – When families go on vacation, they want each family member to enjoy the trip, including those fickle teenagers. Local Orlando rental companies want to help traveling families remember their journey to Florida fondly and have compiled a list of fun places that even the most jaded teen will love.

Teenagers are tricky. They are between being adults and children and often can feel embarrassed about traveling with their parents on vacation. They want to taste their first taste of freedom and traveling with their mom and dad makes them feel even more dependent. If families want to ensure that their trip to Florida goes smoothly, they should consider visiting some of the places on the following list. These places can provide a fun and exciting opportunity for their teens and will probably even put a smile on their face! You can even book one of the hotels in Orlando to create a home-away-from-home that your teen is sure to love.

One great place to visit with your teen is Maui. A perfect day out for your entire family can consist of biking down a volcano in this exotic location. Your teen will appreciate being outside and will love the excitement that goes along with biking along a real volcano!

Another exciting activity that your teen is sure to love is to white water raft along a river. This enjoyable sport will allow the entire family to bond and your teen will be grinning from ear to ear at the end of this fabulous day.

If your teen has a love of heights, consider taking a helicopter tour of Florida. Your teen will love seeing all of the gorgeous views of the beaches, theme parks and swamp lands as you glide through the air in a helicopter.

Another exciting option to share with your teen is to take them to Walt Disney Studios or Universal Studios for the day. There are plenty of good neighbor hotels Orlando to stay in. Your teen will love exploring all of the fun at both theme parks. Disney offers a huge selection of fun rides and dynamic live shows. Downtown Disney also offers plenty of shops, restaurants and nightclubs that your teen will enjoy. Universal Studios can bring all of your teenager’s favorite movies and shows to life. You will love watching their faces light up with joy as they explore these two fabulous parks.

Traveling with a teenager can be a difficult experience. The teen will feel embarrassed being seen with their parents and will pout about a day out. With some proper planning and a few days of exciting activities, your teen will love the trip and the entire family will enjoy a memorable vacation that everybody had fun on. Local Orlando rental companies want to make sure that your Florida vacation is as perfect as possible and want you to also consider renting a luxury hotel or rental home where your entire family, including your teen, will feel right at home in.

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