East Meets West to Honor NJ Female Martial Artist and Event Producer

Tai Chi Master Instructor, Loretta M. Wollering, received two such proclamations from Massachusetts State Rep. Donald Wong.

Online PR News – 30-June-2011 – – Albany, NY - State proclamations from a governor aren’t unusual, but receiving two of them in one day by a state representative is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Tai Chi Master Instructor, Loretta M. Wollering, received two such proclamations from Massachusetts State Rep. Donald Wong, who is also a master martial artist and owner of the Nam Pai Academy of Martial Arts in Boston, MA. Ceremonies took place Saturday, June 4, 2011 at the Tai Chi Gala – one of America’s largest conventions for tai chi and its related topics - held June 3-5 in Albany, New York.

Presentation of the proclamations was an event that crossed state lines and joined east and west in a sharing of pride and accomplishment. The documents were presented in the capital of New York, by the Massachusetts representative, to Wollering - a resident of New Jersey. One proclamation recognized the contributions of Jou Tsung Hwa, founder of the Zhang San Feng Festival that was later renamed “Tai Chi Gala.” The second honored Wollering for her efforts in preserving Jou’s legacy by funding and producing the convention to keep it alive after his death in 1998.

The Tai Chi Gala gathers all Chinese martial arts & healing arts teachers, students and enthusiasts under one roof. Instructors presented 26 workshops on a myriad of topics, including different martial arts forms, self-defense, Chinese tea ceremony, acupressure, massage, self-healing, ethics and the importance of a positive mind.

Wollering owns and teaches in her own tai chi school in northern NJ (named “Internal Gardens”), has appeared on TV and authored a number of magazine articles. Winning multiple awards, she was the first tai chi instructor to receive the Community Leadership Award from the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports (Washington, DC.) She’s a member of the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame, the International Independent Martial Artists’ Association, and is an officer in the New Jersey Order of the Eastern Star, a charitable fraternal organization.

As the lineage holder of an old Chinese grandmaster’s teachings in traditional tai chi, receiving the proclamations was especially poignant for Wollering. She worked closely with Grandmaster Jou: managing his school, accompanying him around the world as an assistant instructor, and served as editor of his best-selling tai chi book. It is unique situation, as there are very few female Western tai chi masters, and even fewer who also work to promote it publicly on a large scale.

“In the 20 years that I have been both teaching and promoting tai chi, it’s nice to see this practice finally get the recognition it deserves for all the health and peace it has brought to so many. My hope is that one day it will be as popular as yoga has become,” said Wollering.

For more information about the Tai Chi Gala, visit the website at http://taichigala.com. To contact Loretta Wollering, email: Info@TaiChiGala.com or call: 973-827-8805.