HIgh Commissioner for Human Rights acknowledges the arrests of 1176 people in Laos on 2-14 November 2009.

The acknowledgement statatement of the High commissioner for Humanrights of the corespondence of Human Rights watch laos, inc.on 23 November 2009.

Online PR News – 19-December-2009 – – Mr Rory Mungoven Chief Asia - Pacific Unit
on behalf of High Commissioner for Human Rights to acknowlege the corespondence on 23 November 2009, providing information on the human rights situation in Lao PDR. He has shared the information with the relevant colleagues and UN special procedures working in Lao PDR. Geneva, 16 December 2009.

Report of Human Rights Watch Laos, inc.
On 23 November 2009.

As of November 14 the total number of Laotians (including Laos politicians, Laotian students, human rights activists and religious dissidents; as well as ordinary Laotian citizens urging for peaceful reform and change in the Lao Peoples Democratic Republic (LPDR)) that have been arrested by secret police and army units since November 2 has been confirmed at 1176. These people have been arrested by the Lao government and VPA troops from Hanoi for suspected roles in organizing or participating in rallies in opposition to the Lao Government’s policies and oppressive regime.
The nine people, reportedly identified by the authorities as 'leaders' as name and age followed: Mrs Kingkeo ( 39 ), Mr Soubin ( 35 ),Mr Souane ( 50 ), Mr Sinpasong ( 43 ) and Mr Khamsone ( 36 ) arrested in Phon Hong; Mr Nou ( 54 ) arrested in Pakkading; Ms Somchit ( 29 ), Mr Somkhit ( 28 ) and Mr Sourigna ( 26 ) arrested in Vientiane.
Sources in Laos have reported that family members have not been able to contact them since they were moved from Samkhe prison.

As President of the Human Rights Watch Laos, I would like to seek the assistance from International Communities which have diplomatic relations with Laos to seek information about the fate and whereabouts of Mrs Kingkeo, Ms Somchit, Mr Soubin, Mr Souane, Mr Sinpasong, Mr Khamsone, Mr Nou, Mr Somkhit and Mr Sourigna in their dialogue with the Lao authority.
-Calls on Lao authority to allow Amnesty International and Human Rights Groups to visit them as soon as possible.
. If they are detained solely for their participation in the peaceful demonstration, of 2nd November 2009, to release them immediately and unconditionally.
. to ensure that, while they are in detention they are treated humanely, in accordance with international standards, and that they have access to their families, to adequate medical care and to legal counsel of their choice.
- Calls on the International Commission of Jurists to represent the nine people on their behalf for legal matter.

Canberra, 19/12/2009
Mr Bounkhong Arounsavat
President of Human Rights Watch Laos, Inc.

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