Aditech Justlook Face Recognition System recognizes Identical Twins Correctly

Aditech Justlook, an India based supplier of face recognition system, can recognize identical twins correctly. Even after having similar facial characteristics, the product hardly commits any error in their distinction.

Online PR News – 29-June-2011 – – Aditech Justlook, a reputed supplier for biometric face recognition system in India, claims that its product can distinguish between identical twins. The company is into this business since a long time and claims that its products are efficient in terms of accuracy. Many facial characteristics in identical twins are similar, but not all! The product uses complex algorithm to recognize individuals correctly.

Experiments have been conducted on various 2D face recognition systems across the world. Good quality applications have been able to identify between identical twins correctly. Monozygotic twins have an identical DNA structure. Still, their facial characteristics differ minutely. If the biometric face recognition system makes use of advanced algorithm to recognize faces, it can identify them unerringly.

Aditech Justlook claims to have its presence in this industry since many years in India. A high profile company official states that, “Nobody else can understand the needs of the Indian security market better than us. We are well versed with all the aspects of this technology. We can guarantee high accuracy and recognition capabilities for our products.”

Another senior company executive remarks, “Our system is a result of the brain work of many experts. There are very little chances of the application failing to recognize individuals correctly. Even identical twins are easily recognized by the face recognition system. Our clients agree to this statement as it has proved itself in their premise many times!”

The company is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It supplies its products all over the country. It claims to have been present in the market since a very long time.

This makes its products reliable. Officials assert that the company supplies good quality products and no client can deny to this statement. For more information on the company, please visit:

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