The Internet Delivers Words of Encouragement from the Bible

People searching for a closer connection to God often turn to the Internet for help. Aspiring evangelist Mike Murphy has built a website to help direct those searching for Biblical truth.

Online PR News – 29-June-2011 – – Many who are struggling emotionally avoid friends and family and turn to the Internet for Help. Lost souls searching for a spiritual connection to God are often too embarrassed or ashamed of their weakened emotional state to share their feelings with friends and family. Some don’t want to admit hearing the knock on the door to their heart from the God they’ve been denying or avoiding for many years. As a result they turn to the anonymous Internet for advice and direction.

Searching the Internet for words of encouragement from the Bible can be a difficult task. Like most searches, the possibilities are often overwhelming. Searching Google for Biblical truth will return millions of search results. This leaves someone in a fragile emotional state vulnerable to any number of misdirection’s that may do more harm than good. Sorting out heart-felt guidance from a clever manipulator’s hype is not something that most unfamiliar with Biblical truth are prepared to do.

This onslaught of truth seekers is what promoted Mike Murphy to create, a website dedicated to helping lost souls find God. After a particularly inspiring sermon delivered by his local pastor, Mike was compelled to develop a website specifically for those searching for God; both as a source of information and direction and as a tool for believers to share their faith with others. Mike’s initial goal was to focus on the basics: God, the Bible, and the value of attending a Christian church. He started His website with one article on each topic, specifically written in a manner that would resonate with unbelievers, or those who are simply unsure of the details of Christian faith. Reading all three articles takes approximately 33 minutes, hence the name, which also happens to be the age Jesus Christ was believed to be when He died on the Cross for our sins.

As aspiring evangelists like Mike Murphy begin to build websites with personal explanations of their faith, a closer connection to the Christian message is possible. Mike is not a superstar preacher; he’s just an ordinary man who’s focused on sharing the love of God with others. As more believers develop similar sites, the Internet has the potential to become a tremendous faith sharing tool and will very likely play an important role in the development of the Christian church in the coming years.