Scavenger Hunt Drew Hundreds Of Apple Fans On Facebook: IPod Accessories Store IThrough

Hundreds of Apple enthusiasts flocked to the Facebook wall of iPod accessories seller iThrough to participate in the scavenger hunts this month.

Online PR News – 29-June-2011 – – Hong Kong, China ( 28, 2011: Hundreds of Apple fans flocked to the Facebook wall for Apple earphone supplier iThrough to join in the scavenger hunt this month.

IPhone accessories store iThrough launched scavenger hunt on Facebook wall this month and is launching the fourth round of the competition this week.

IThrough is asking participants to guess the SKU of the products and five winners will gain Apple accessories each round.

Carol Chang, Public Relations Manager for Apple accessories seller iThrough, said hundreds of Apple fans from all over the world came to join in the competition.

“More than one hundred people flocked to the Facebook wall on the first day,” said Mrs. Chang. “And the number of participants has outstripped 500 so far.”

According to Mrs. Chang, people were so addicted to guessing the SKU that they even couldn’t wait to see the launch of next round.

“Some people guessed again and again, even urged iThrough to launch the next round in advance, ,” said Mrs. Chang. “Participants, no matter the young or old, are so excited when they guess out the right SKU.”, located in Hong Kong, has been selling Apple accessories all over the world. IThrough provides more than 3,000 accessories and parts for all manner of Apple products, from first generation iPod to the latest generation iPad or iPhone on shelves with affordable prices and worldwide free shipping service for any product.

Join in the scavenger hunt on the Facebook wall of or pasted this link into your browser:!/iThrough?sk=app_190435500990432?utm_source=SM&utm_medium=PR&utm_campaign=SM_PR_IT10