Get Limitless Explores Philosophy Behind the Neuroscience of Brain Enhancement

Vast Cognitive Improvement could only be a Matter of a few Simple and Controversial Brain Enhancement Strategies

Online PR News – 29-June-2011 – – Personal development advocates Anthony Lee and Donnie Bryant have produced their greatest work in the field with the book Get Limitless. Through “a lifetime of study in personal growth, and months of sleepless researching”, the authors have completed what they call “an instruction manual for becoming super human”......the ultimate guide for brain enhancement and cognitive improvement.

Get Limitless details a number of cognitive boosting strategies, from brainwave therapy to subliminal messaging, to assist people in destroying their limitations and performing at peak levels. The book is said to be “perfect for people interested in becoming a better version of themselves”.

The first portion of the book outlines the characteristics of true genius. "The idea is that everyone has genius within them, it is simply a matter of tapping into it. Knowing the characteristics that geniuses share will help in this process" the authors explain.
The second portion of the book outlines specific strategies, some very new, some controversial, that are supposed to help coax the brain into being more efficient.
"We are moving forward from the concept that the brain is very similar to a computer. You can hack a computer's system to force it to do things you want it to do. You can also do this with your own brain," says Anthony Lee.
He continues by explaining, "the inspiration for this idea came from a story I heard about an amputee that had a 'brain hack' for getting rid of phantom limb pain. He would simply stand with his leg in front of a mirror, and look down. When he saw two legs, the pain stopped."
The methods in the book are designed to give everyone access to their brain in the same manner.
The book is available as an ebook from the website, as well as on Amazon's Kindle.