JRT Pro Sports Management Announces New Website Http://sportsagentfirm.com

JRT Pro Sports Management announces the launching of their new website for their Sports Management Firm at http://sportsagentfirm.com.

Online PR News – 29-June-2011 – – June 27, 2011 - Medford Lakes, NJ - JRT Pro Sports Management (sportsagentfirm.com) is happy to announce the launch of their new website for their Sports Agent Firm at http://sportsagentfirm.com. The sports agency’s passion is to assist players from a variety of sports and backgrounds in managing their careers and post careers wisely.

"We started this agency with a passion for proper financial planning for athletes. We hear so many stories of athletes losing or squandering their money. It is our drive to not only see our clients succeed on the field, but off the field as well," said owner Thom Slaterbeck.

With the sports agent industry changing and constantly under scrutiny as of late, JRT Pro Sports Management was started with the desire to be set apart from other agencies. Their ambition is first to see their clients have the tools for success during their career. This includes quality contract negotiations and solid financial planning.

JRT's next priority is to make sure that their clients are ready for post retirement life. Their "Life Planning" program was established to help their clients prepare for a life off the field. With many professional careers ending after just a few short years on average, athletes they feel must take full advantage of their playing time to set in motion a stable life when their playing days are over.

Slaterbeck went on to say, "We want to put an end to these sad stories of hearing so many professional athletes that have lost just about everything. With solid planning, making good financial decisions and keeping their eye on the future, we know that we can help our clients become a success once their playing time is finished."

The sports agent firm of JRT Pro Sports Management is located in Medford Lakes, NJ. If you are in need of professional agent services, you can contact them at 609 694-4625 or visit their website at http://sportsagentfirm.com. Marketing by http://hirethegrunt.com/