School Administrators Use Magnatag's Dry Erase Calendar for Class Scheduling

Magnatag's dry erase calendar makes it easier for school administrators to plan and organize a school year's Master Class Schedule.

Online PR News – 29-June-2011 – – Administrators use 100 Color Codes on their Dry Erase Calendar to Quickly Spot and resolve Conflicts

Macedon, NY – January 2010 - To plan and organize a school year’s Master Class Schedule can call for a juggler’s talents to fit classrooms, teachers, subjects, grade levels, class size, and teaching loads into available school-day time periods. Working with school administrators nationwide, Magnatag® Visible Systems has developed a comprehensive series of flexible, easy to use dry erase calendar that employ a visual, color-coded hands on approach to quickly spot and resolve conflicts by moving class and teacher cardholder magnets on the dryerase master schedule.

• “The Magnatag® system makes it easier to see where your scheduling conflicts are by just looking across the board,” says a registrar at a Kentucky High School. “They make the task of getting all (classes) built into our master schedule more understandable and manageable.“

• “So much better than trying to do it on a computer,” says a scheduling coordinator at a Rochester, NY high school. “The master schedule is hard enough as it is. With the Magnatag® board it is easier to see all your options. It saves us hours and hours.”

“Our board systems use color coded magnetic card holders arranged on a printed magnetic steel whiteboard that make it fast and easy to locate, identify and group classes by department, grade level and period,” says Magnatag® spokesman Christian Krapf. “We are pleased that our board systems have made a difference in thousand of schools, saving countless hours of administrator’s time by making a complex task so much easier and workable.”

Available for up to 176 teachers and in many class period formats, Magnatag® dry erase marker board includes everything needed to operate them: magnetic cardholders and card inserts, each in 10 colors (with a CD/ROM card keying template) which provide up to 100 magnet color combinations to instantly locate, identify and visually group departments, grades, class sizes and courses. For more information about Magnatag® dry erase calendar go to or call 800 624 4154.

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