Finds Steam Cleaners Help Get the "Honey Do" List Done this Summer

Steam cleaners have become the "gadget of choice" for some men this summer who in the past have neglected to help with chores around the home according to, an online retailer of healthy home products. With a good steam cleaner in hand, some men have become clean freaks by spending hours on detailing cars, cleaning barbecue grills and many more cleaning tasks around the home.

Online PR News – 27-June-2011 – – Steam cleaners are becoming the “gadget of choice” for the man of the house this summer. Dare we say it, but some guys are notorious for avoiding helping with clean up chores around the home. But give them a good tool such as a vapor steam cleaner and they may turn into veritable clean freaks according to the customers of, an online retailer of healthy home products.

While certain guys cannot be persuaded to do regular household cleaning, they can become very enthusiastic about special cleaning tasks if you put a really good steam cleaner in their hand. One of the favorite tasks? You guessed it, detailing the car! Armed with a portable steam cleaner or the attachments to a larger multi-purpose steam cleaner, guys can spend hours in their driveways cleaning the interior and wheels of their cars.

tuff kit

After the car, the outdoor barbeque grill becomes the appliance of choice for the cleaning of dirty grills and food stains. Top level steam cleaners like the Ladybug steam cleaner special “tuff kit” accessories are ideal for loosening all that caked on grime that is difficult to remove.

Want the green mildew removed from the outdoor deck before the guy in your life stains it? Higher end steam cleaners have the perfect attachment which is also good for cleaning green algae off the stone patio. Want help with the weeding in the garden? Just wheel that steam cleaner out with a special attachment and it will kill weeds and ants nests, while you sip a glass of chardonnay on the deck, with your guy proudly going on a search and destroy mission for weeds without even bending down!

Lastly, and not least, if you are lucky enough to have your man do wallpapering in your home, you can arm him with a steam cleaning weapon which will peel off old wallpaper in no time flat. He doesn’t do windows? Well, now he will and you will be actually able to see the summer greenery outside your house instead of through those grime filled windows!

This and other tasks are where your guy can willingly shine with a steam cleaner and is why has named it as the gadget of choice for your man this summer! is a multi-channel retailer which sells healthy home products such as air purifiers, HEPA vacuum cleaners, dehumidifiers and vapor steam cleaners. The company is a division of Boston Green Goods. Inc. (BGG), located in Braintree, MA, and also operates such websites as & BGG is currently listed as an Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Company.

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