TuneUp Provides PC Users with Four Steps to Optimize Their SSD Drives

The TuneUp Blog About WIndows offers users helpful tips and detailed information on how to maintain the performance of their SSD drives.

Online PR News – 29-June-2011 – – MIAMI, Florida

What: Mechanical hard disks have ruled for ages in the PC industry, but their reign has recently started to come to an end. Today, people are increasingly adopting the faster, more energy-efficient solid state drives (SSDs). Their speedy boot times, decreasing prices and overall performance make them a nice buy; however, SSDs require special care in order to keep them performing well.

On its blog, TuneUp has compiled four steps that will help users to optimize their SSD drives. In order to get the most performance out of their devices, TuneUp recommends that users upgrade to Windows 7, ensure that the TRIM command is enabled, avoid defragmenting their solid state disks and should even consider disabling SuperFetch, Prefetch, ReadyBoost and ReadyDrive. By following these steps, users will be able to maintain the performance of their SSD drives and prolong their lifespans.

Who: Any PC user that is interested in learning about how to optimize an SSD drive. The tips are easily understood by anyone, regardless of technical background.

Where: TuneUp provides detailed information, helpful tips and screenshots at blog.tune-up.com. All of the information is free, and readers can post their own experiences directly on the blog to help fellow readers.

When: PC users can access the free information anytime by visiting blog.tune-up.com or by interacting with TuneUp’s PC tuning experts on Twitter and Facebook.

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