Victorian Plumbing Introduces Most Modern, Innovative and Efficient Triton Showers

Triton shower is a synonymous name to quality, style and innovation. Victorian plumbing has recently added some fine quality triton showers to offer complete contemporary showering

Online PR News – 27-June-2011 – – Victorian plumbing holds different kinds of Triton showers namely - Triton Electric Showers, Triton Power Shower, Triton Mixer shower and Triton Thermostatic Showers. The brand is one of the most renowned one in the field of bathroom products and is a name that can’t be missed while considering the purchase of a shower. The showers are robust and infuse the latest technology providing a completely reviving showering.

Triton electric showers come in varied designs and styles, lending a fluid touch to your bathroom. They offer first class products and provide an ideal solution to anyone who is looking for a quality new shower. The most popular being the Triton Inscriptions and Triton Aspirante due to its unique styling. These are self sufficient and have their own pump and boiler incase the connections from the main fails.
The performance of the Aspirante showers can be altered from a distance using the remote control technology.

Triton power showers are compact and integrate pumps which draws large amount of water, offering a strong stream of water for those who enjoy a deep cleansing bath. It features simple start/stop button lending an easy access.

Triton mixer showers are ideal for those who adore simplicity along with style. They provide an ultimate showering with incredible design options to choose from. Offer separate controls for both temperature and water as to be adjusted according to the individual’s preferences. These may also incorporate multi-spray head pattern.

Triton thermostatic showers have a mechanism that automatically adjust the temperature and incorporates an anti scalding mechanism that stops if the hot or cold water supply fails. The care plus showers have an additional feature that the alarm starts ringing if the temperature drops below or exceeds a certain level ensuring the complete safety of the user.

Each triton shower is rated and is between the ranges 7.5kw to 10.5 kw. The higher the rating, the more power it consumes and offers high volume of water pouring down. Each shower differs from its counterpart and serves you with consistency. Triton showers add elegance and sophistication to any bathroom with a modern twist. Temperature and flow control can be altered either manually or using the remote control.

Victorian plumbing this year has recently introduced new showers like Triton T80z Eco Shower, Triton Aspirante showers to its exclusive range of Triton showers. Further accessorizing the showering area with accessories like shower curtains, sliding rail kit shower caddies, shower valves etc. ensures an effortless and convenient showering.

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