Çelik Kasa - Para Kasasi Experts Offer a Comprehensive List of Products

Çelik Kasa - Para Kasasi experts in Turkey offer a comprehensive list of products designed to protect home and office

Online PR News – 27-June-2011 – – Istanbul, Istanbul With safety and security gaining importance in Turkey, Çelik Kasa experts in Turkey, Yale have announced a list of safety products that are sure to meet every requirement. Products range from the ubiquitous padlocks, to mortice locks, cylinders, wireless alarms, simple alarms, safes, and rim locks.

The products have been developed after following strict standards of manufacture and in consultation with insurance companies, and other crime prevention organizations. The Kablosuz Alarm for example, are easy to install and do not cause damage to the décor. With a radio frequency of 433 Mhz, they work well for homes, garages and sheds. The alarm can be expendable to about 20 devices and are compatible with all Yale products.

“The Kablosuz Alarm and Hirsiz Alarmi are ideal for people looking to secure their homes from professional burglars for whom simple locks and padlocks do not work. These products come with a 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee, are easy to install and have a simple menu system making to easy to operate for everyone. You can also choose from a wide variety of wireless alarm accessories like door/window contacts, pet friendly PIR, smoke detectors etc,” says the spokesperson for the Turkish division of Yale Safes. The company has over 200 years of experience in securing assets and valuables with guaranteed products and technology.

They also offer a wide variety of Çelik Kasa. Varieties include fire safes, certified safes, security safes, and cash and key boxes. “Offices looking to protect valuable documents from unforeseen natural circumstances like fire can benefit from these safes. They use the latest digital technology that can withstand up to one hour of intense fire. And if they are looking to protect cash and other valuables, certified safes are the best available option. These safes are designed to be stronger, harder but easier to use than normal Çelik Kasa. They are known to protect valuables up to £2000 and valuables up to £20,000, adds the spokesperson.

Another popularly used product in Turkey is Para Kasasi. The company has provides a wide variety of boxes that can help companies and individuals organize cash and keys.

About Yale: The Company has been in the service of providing quality products and technology for over 200 years and provides a wide array of Kablosuz Alarm to be used in homes and commercial establishments.

To know more, http://www.yale.com.tr/