Comfy as Old Hiking Boots - Outdoor Footwear Moves Forward

It is always a grim day when a favourite pair of walking boots have had their final walk.... to the bin! Not to worry as here at we've pulled out two fantastic pairs of boots to give the modern consumer a little guidance and advice into a whole new world of comfort. The Outdoor Footwear industry is evolving fast with technologies like Gore tex and Ion mask changing the face of the industry and offering consumers more choice and value for money.

Online PR News – 18-December-2009 – – At Brasher outdoor footwear Co, the great outdoors is the driving passion, which is why they can deliver yet another best seller with the Brasher Supalite GTX. What’s unique about the product is that it's lightweight. The boot looks slick, supple and tough but at no compromise to the comfort, the boot is one of the lightest on the market yet durable enough to last the Brasher product lifespan. The high cut ankle means you have full ankle support for uneven terrain yet flexibility to prevent rubbing and blisters on those longer walks where comfort is essential. Pigskin leather lines the inside of the boot which is designed to have more ‘give’ in it than a bog standard leather, again reducing the chance of blisters on long hikes. But enough of the looks and comfort; is it waterproof?
GTX stands for Gore tex, a breathable, lightweight membrane that sets an unprecedented standard for waterproofing at 35,000ml repellence (the British standard by law for an item to be called waterproof is 1,500ml!). With Gore tex being ex-military technology it is very durable, i.e. It will last as long as the boots will if well cared for by the end user. There is no doubt that one is guaranteed to stay dry in even the most torrential rain that the British sky's can throw on a most regular basis.
On the other hand......
There is the Hi-tec Altitude IV Ultra WPi. Now, it is quite similar in terms of style, but differs in purpose. Whereas the Brasher Supalite GTX is thinner leather and more flexible, the Altitude Ultra is thicker and more padded making it ideal for both cold weather and tough mountain climbs. It is fabric lined, trapping heat in but can easily breathe due to its lack of a waterproofing membrane. The boot may be slightly heavier than the Supalite but this allows for added support in areas it needs it most, such as the ankle and sole. The soles are provided by Vibram a separate company, like Gore tex is to the Supalite. Vibram soles are 50% natural rubber, providing the grip on wet rocks and 50% synthetic giving extreme durability.
'Like water off a ducks back': They also borrow an ex-military technology, the Ion Mask. This being Gore tex's arch nemesis. Hi-tec have exclusive use of this technology in their boots. It enables the ENTIRE boot to be water repellent form the very outer layer to the very inner layer. It is all to do with chemical charges and a lot of polymers, a technology we couldn't begin to explain in its entirety! But don't worry eco warriors, it’s all done carbon neutrally.

So there it is, the best of the best laid bare. For those who are serious about weight and blisters, go for the Brasher Supalites, Those who are more into slightly more challenging and technical hikes, go for the Altitude IV Ultra. If worst comes to worst and one can't decide between the two, get them BOTH! So visit us today at Outdoor World Direct and see the massive ranges we have of hiking boots and outdoor footwear.

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