New Backhoe Guide Takes the Guess Work Out of New and Used Backhoe Sales

Website announces the addition of a Backhoe guide whose sole purpose is to help consumers choose, operate and purchase backhoe construction equipment along with any necessary attachments.

Online PR News – 18-December-2009 – – For Immediate Release: Free Assistance with Purchasing Backhoe Heavy Equipment and Safety Training.

Useful advice and information is now available to persons responsible for managing new and used back hoe sales and/or the monitoring of back hoe heavy equipment safety training. The back hoe guide is made to be utilized by those who want to learn how to purchase a loader back hoe for sale.

The website includes a series of questions for you to find the answers to (as they apply to you and your specific equipment needs).

Expect to learn the answers to these questions when you consult the backhoe guide for assistance:
1. Are you sure you need a back hoe to do the job you require finished? A backhoe is a large piece of equipment, even if you use the smallest model available. Determining the smallest size of equipment you need to accomplish the task you are doing may go a long way to save you time, frustration and money. A backhoe is appropriate for midrange digging and loading.

2. Would a smaller excavator complete the job? Choose the smallest equipment that will complete your project. Remember not to get one too small in order to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment.

3. Do you have a means to move the equipment from the purchase site to your project site? If you don’t have a trailer to haul your equipment on, can you make the necessary arrangements with a transport company or will the seller move the equipment to your site for you.

A complete list of questions to help you in your decision making and evaluating your heavy equipment needs is available when you visit the forklift guide.

There is a wealth of other information besides the buying questionnaire. Reviews for specific models and manufacturers are included to help you with your comparison shopping. Manufacturer specifications for these models are available:

• Caterpillar Backhoe Loader-One of the most popular brands available today.

• John Deer Backhoe Dealers-With its signature green color; John Deer is a proven industry leader in both the backhoe market and John Deere backhoe parts.

• New Holland Backhoe Tractors-One of the most versatile and common on construction sites; a New Holland backhoe loader is a large heavy duty piece of equipment that can perform a variety of tasks besides just digging. Transporting materials, paving, stump grinding and tree removal. When utilized with the large number of New Holland backhoe parts and attachments; this model of backhoe is one of the most versatile and costly.

• Case Backhoes and Parts-The Case Company is one of the easier brands of heavy equipment to find used backhoe parts for.

A backhoe is one of those pieces of equipment that when you need one, nothing else will substitute for it. If this is a one time or infrequent need, perhaps backhoe construction rental may be your solution. Generally there are two rental rates with quite a difference between the prices of the two. One price will be for only the equipment rental. The other price will include an operator for the equipment. This can be extremely helpful if you are not a graduate of a heavy machinery school.
Only you can decide exactly what your heavy equipment needs are. The Backhoe guide was designed to help you determine that.

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