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Weblinx are a search engine optimisation company who specialise in gaining high positions for clients in search engines.

Online PR News – 24-June-2011 – uk – Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an Internet marketing technique comprised of many different elements working in synergy together to raise rankings positively and help a website get found in Google search results. SEO is a vital part of gaining traffic when advertising online. You could have the greatest looking website available on the web but if it’s not optimised by a professional search engine optimisation company then it may not be hidden from your target audience.

The idea of a website is to advertise your service or product in a location that’s both easy to find and readily accessible by the people that will become paying customers. Although if the site has not been optimised correctly then it can become a waste of time when it could in fact be earning you money.

Weblinx Ltd are Internet marketing experts specialising in search engine optimisation campaigns designed to help websites get found and noticed within Google’s search results. Over a massive 80% of Internet users use Google over any other search engine so why wouldn’t you want to be in the viewing screen of your target market? In addition to this, a lot of Google’s users don’t go past the first page of results which is why Weblinx strive to get you to page 1 for your chosen keywords and phrases.

Search engine optimisation has two main elements that are broken down further in to different techniques which are offsite and onsite optimisation. These need to be implemented in perfect balance with one another as over or under optimising any of these two areas will result in penalisation by Google. It takes true professionals with valid experience and evidence of past results to get a website on to the first page of Google which is why Weblinx Ltd have been in the game for 7 years.

Unfortunately, search engine optimisation companies have been given a diminished name over the years due to the unethical and black hat search engine optimisation companies available. A few of the companies go about their optimisation in cheap and quick ways to gain rankings, cutting corners any way they can which eventually results in being penalised by Google. This is the wrong to go about business as it may pay at first but eventually Google will catch up and will punish the website by either dropping the websites positions or dropping the site altogether.

Of course, none of these companies will ever admit to using unethical methods in terms of search engine optimisation, but to ensure you avoid them here are a few tips when deciding on a search engine optimisation company to use:

Look at their rankings – if an SEO company can’t get positions for their own website then it’s unlikely they can get them for your business. Weblinx are number one for a number of top search terms in the industry.

Check out their clients – Most ethical search engine optimisation companies will be more than happy to tell you their clients and give examples of the success they’ve gotten for them. The famous restaurant chain Nandos are a client of Weblinx.

Ask them about the techniques they use – If a company is sceptical about telling you about the techniques they use with search engine optimisation then there’s a good chance its unethical techniques being used. A good ethical SEO company should always be happy to discuss what is being done to the client’s website as there are no secrets in search engine optimisation. Weblinx are a completely transparent company who discuss the search engine optimisation closely with the client and ensure they are in the know at all times.

Make sure you’re not just a number – always ensure that you are going to remain in contact with the company and keep close communications. By keeping up to date with what is being done with your website you will be able to understand the work being put in to improve your websites positions. Weblinx provide a dedicated account manager to provide ranking reports, updates and keep in constant communication so you are fully aware with what’s being done with your search engine optimisation campaign.

Weblinx are a professional company that operate in an ethical way to meet the highest of standards. They never cut corners with anything and this is reflected by the results in which they have achieved for their clients. Search engine optimisation is a very complex yet delicate area of Internet marketing and when done right can create more money than possible from standard advertising methods. They provide all the services you would expect to find with any optimisation company and more that have been discovered over the years of business.

So if you want to be a page one player in your industry then don’t hesitate to call Weblinx today or visit www.weblinxlimited.com - They have flexible and effective website optimisation plans available such as pay monthly or pay on performance plans which are sure to fit in with any businesses budget.

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