MarketsandMarkets Publishes US Preterm Infant Care Market Report

The U.S Preterm Infant Care Market research report published by MarketsandMarkets ( analyzes the preterm infant care products and services market over the period 2009-2014. The report studies the major market drivers, restraints, and opportunities for the U.S. Preterm Infant Care market.

Online PR News – 18-December-2009 – – Wilmington, Del- Preterm infant care forms a significant part of the pediatric healthcare market in U.S as preterm births are on a alarming rise in the nation. Preterm births are one of the leading causes of infant mortality in U.S with 1 in 8 births being preterm. Induced fertility and labor treatments, poor prenatal care, inappropriate maternal age, obesity, smoking are some of the major reasons responsible for increasing incidence of preterm births in the country.

Preterm infant care products such as infant care devices, infant formula and drugs face a great demand in United States due to the absolute necessity of such products in sustaining baby lives. The products are indispensable in saving preterm babies because they are biologically immature and require external medical assistance in the form of respiratory, nutritional and thermal control support for survival. Infant care products have helped to increase the survival of preterm babies in the country. The criticality of the products in preterm infant care is driving the market. Furthermore, technology advances in regards to multi function equipments are also propelling the growth of the market.

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Market Estimates and Forecasts

The report categorizes the U.S Preterm Infant Care market as follows:

•Preterm Infant care equipments (Therapy & Monitoring, Diagnosis)
•Preterm Infant formula (Preterm formula for use in hospitals, Preterm follow-up formulas after discharge, Cow milk based- iron fortified formulas, Hydrolyzed whey based formulas, Casein hydrolysate formulas, Amino acid based formulas)
•Preterm Infant Care drugs (Antibiotics, Bronchodilators, Analgesics, Diuretics, Vassopressors, Hematologic agents)
•Preterm Infant Care Services Market ( Therapeutic care, Monitoring & diagnosis)

Each section will provide market data, market drivers, trends and opportunities, top-selling products, key players, and competitive outlook. This report will also provide market tables for covering the sub-segments and micro-markets. In addition, the report also provides more than 35 company profiles for each of its sub-segments.

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