50 percent of Baltimore Commercial Builder’s Employees Have Tenure of Over 15 Years

One Baltimore commercial builder commitment to quality results shows in its employee tenure. 9 employees have served the company more than 15 years and nearly a quarter started more than 20 years ago. Overall the average employee has started more than 11 years ago

Online PR News – 23-June-2011 – – For over 30 years Hencken & Gaines, a Baltimore commercial contractor, has been building a strong reputation built on reliability, expertise and delivering on time and in budget. This would not be possible with out the people who make Hencken & Gaines great.

As a Maryland construction company, Hencken & Gaines has been involved in numerous complex projects. They have been successful thanks to their staff, many of whom have been with the company for more than 20 years.

A generation ago, employees were accustomed to company and employee loyalty, but it has become rare in this day and age to see the kind of company and employee loyalty that Hencken and Gaines and its employees have demonstrated over the years. Hencken & Gaines has not forgotten that it is the people that comprise a great company and have remained loyal to their employees.

Tom Gaines, President of Hencken & Gaines, who himself has been working for the company for 29 years said, "The long term tenure of our employees not only results in a skilled workforce but also makes for a family-like work environment."

Approximately 21 full-time employees average start date was 11 years ago. The average overall experience in in the construction industry is over 20 years per employee. That kind of experience is invaluable to the success of the company.

Project manager Charles Grebe has over 27 years of experience. Arthur Harvey has been with Hencken & Gaines for 20 years, Alfonzo McCoy 28, and Richard Smith has 32 years of loyalty with Hencken & Gaines to name just a few.

Hencken & Gaines’ skilled staff are experienced in adaptive reuse development, construction management, and design/build projects. In addition, the combined experience of over 400 years provides the staff with the skills necessary in building a variety of project types. Some of their most high profile projects include the Boy's Latin School, the Black Rock Center for the Arts and the Cinghiale Restaurant.

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