IT Catalogue has Launched News and Events Module

IT Catalogue is a web project offering information and contacts of IT companies from Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Several days ago it has launched news and events module on the information technologies sphere development in Ukraine and the world.

Online PR News – 23-June-2011 – – "The previous issues have been fixed and we are happy to announce that our module is up and running without any problems for a week already"- reports manager of IT Catalogue ( Kochina Mayya - "Currently we are working on increasing functionality of our website, in particular the module itself. We have created a possibility to subscribe for all the information published at out module and by category. Our developers are working on implementation of functionality associated with the module for the VIP companies, it will be a great step for our project, since our clients will have an opportunity to publish their own events and news under their account and in addition they will appear at the module itself."
The module has surpassed all our expectations: it is as simple as blogs we like to read and functional like a huge news website. The calendar of events has been moved to the left hand so it is much more convenient for the user, also there has been Events rotation module implemented, it shows events in the near future with Geo linking to the city.
The content of the website grows each days, there are number of interesting and original articles, as well as latest news of IT industry, and both are in two languages so it will be accessible for the visitors from all over the web.
IT Catalogue team is planning to increase the functionality and in near future new modules and interesting options will be added.
It is essential to note that any article, news or event can be shared with friends and colleagues at social media, it is very convenient and simple, so you won't need to copy and paste links, just be logged in into your account and click on the icon of sharing under the article.
The growth and development of the project has been in the homestretch, however this not the last information from IT Catalogue. Let's look what they provide next.