International Green Summit Announces It Is Going To Be Hosted By Moura, Portugal November 2009

International Green Summit, Inc has reached an agreement with the government of Moura Portugal and Sunday May 17th they are holding an international press conference to announce that they are hosting and supporting IGS 2009.

Online PR News – 20-May-2009 – – The International Green Summit (IGS) is pleased to announce the first conference and expo to be held in Moura, Portugal, November 9 – 14, 2009. The government of Moura has welcomed and is supporting this event in their efforts to be environmentally sustainable.

There will be a press conference Sunday, May 17, 2009 about the official signing of the agreement between IGS and Moura, Portugal. This agreement between the Moura government and IGS, grants rights to the convention center, and supporting IGS in any additional way that IGS may need.

Michael Padurano, CEO of IGS says “That a shift to a clean, green economy can improve the health and well-being of the whole planet population. Such a shift can also create and expand entrepreneurial, wealth-building opportunities for workers worldwide and encourage new avenues of economic advancement.”

Michael’s philosophy of “Awareness creates Knowledge, Knowledge creates Change”, is aimed at educating the populations to influence the political processes to create an earth friendly eco-system.

The summit will connect activists, advocates, organizations, policy makers, practitioners, innovators, businesses and green leaders from around the world to promote a healthy sustainable planet that benefits all.

The endeavor is to increase global public awareness on the reduction of global warming and sustainable use of resources by promoting the best renewable and reusable practices, technologies and policies in an international platform.

The International Green Summit’s team is a mixed multi-lingual combination of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds in green environment, events, hospitality, communications, marketing, sales and business.

During this landmark event IGS will be showcasing International Speakers, Politicians, Scientists, Government Officials and Corporations from around the world with more information than ever before. The summit will be the setting to foster globalization in national and international awareness and education.

IGS is going to be the first summit that will bring together the 150 largest companies in the world that produce green products, services, standards or are working on sustainable processes.

Partners of the summit include Object Management Group, Project Green America, Green Professionals, Echo Earth Media, Green Rose IT, Environmental Networking, One Greener, Internation Speakers Bureau (ISB), WinMobile, Open Blue Sea Farms, Sustainable Industries and Chloregy

Since this is a truly International event and IGS is looking for companies from Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South & North America to participate.

As the summit will be a place to foster globalization in international awareness and education, IGS will feature live on-line webcasts of the event through websites and classrooms around the world.

Moura, Portugal is becoming increasingly well-known for its alternative energy initiatives. The latest is the Sunflower project, which also involves communities in seven other European Union countries. The aim is to transform communities into a "Zero Carbon Community." The IEE seeks to convert the communities into areas free of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, where only renewable energies are used. Portugal has one of the largest Solar Energy facilities in the world, powering 30,000 homes, and saving more than 30,000 tons a year in greenhouse gas emissions.

The world's first commercial wave energy project is also in Portugal ashore at Agucadoura, that began delivering wave-generated energy to Portugal in 2006. This lucrative energy source brings 2.25 megawatts and powers 1,500 homes through the national state run electricity grid system.

The goal of IGS is to quicken the adoption of green, clean and sustainable business practices, technologies and solutions. IGS will be open to the public the last two days with donation going to charities in the host city.

International Green Summit
Jennifer Pastorini
Media Relations