Yes Maria Rose, There Is A Santa (In All of Us)

Five year old Maria Rose is wishing hard for a therapeutic bike this holiday season to help improve her ability to walk.

Online PR News – 17-December-2009 – – Five year old special needs kindergartner Maria Rose and her family are praying hard for some holiday charity this Christmas to help her buy a special bike that could potentially improve her ability to move and walk.

Maria is a five year old born with hydrocephalus, a buildup of fluid in her brain. As a result, Maria suffers from an assortment of health problems including cerebral palsy, vision and hearing impairments and global developmental delays.

This unique trike is a therapeutic mobility device that can help Maria improve her condition. The therapeutic bike, like most occupational therapy aids, is expensive and Maria’s family is requesting donations from kind benefactors who may be willing to contribute to the cause and help Maria grow up and be able to walk. People can make donations to Maria on her blog or on

The family is currently at 36% of its goal to raise the $4,264 needed to purchase the bike thanks to contributions from every day Santas who desire to see Maria's wish come true. The family is grateful for every donation of every size.

"As a family, we want to do doing everything in our power to make sure Maria has access to the best care services. She has so many loving caregivers including her dad and me, her Uncle Andy, her nanny Sue, and lots of therapists and doctors, but none of us possesses the power to help Maria walk the way that bike could," says Cathy, mother of five year old Maria Rose.

Maria was born 4 1/2 weeks prematurely so that a shunt could be placed in her little body when she was barely a day old. In addition, she was on an apnea monitor for the first few months of her life and on a feeding tube until her first birthday.

"Riding the bike, in combination with her hippotherapy (physical therapy on a horse), her stander, and her walker, should improve her ability to walk -- not to mention allow her to feel like the other kids who ride bikes. We’re also hoping the exercise will help her breathe more deeply. She gets upper respiratory infections every fall, in part from not breathing deeply enough," concludes Cathy.

Despite the assortment of disabilities the Maria has been tackling, she is very healthy. Luckily, none of her conditions are worsening and her vision and hearing capabilities are steadily improving.

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About Maria Rose:
Maria Rose is a five-year-old girl born with congenital hydrocephalus. Her Christmas wish is to own a therapeutic bike that will help her develop the ability to walk and to ride bikes with other children.

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