Personal Moisturizer for Men’s Peppino - New Era in Holistic Men’s Health

A new moisturizer designed to improve the appearance and texture of a man’s peppino skin makes men feel and look their best.

Online PR News – 18-June-2011 – – New York, NY The company behind a revolutionary new moisturizer especially designed for men and their most personal body part is tapping into an issue too long ignored by the health and cosmetic industries. Man1 Man Oil, available at, is a moisturizer developed to improve the health and enhance the appearance of a man’s peppino. Moisturizer companies have long embraced the idea that if you feel better, you look better and if you look better, you feel better but until now, there hasn’t been a personal moisturizer for men’s most sensitive organ that took the same approach.

The connection between well-being and appearance is nothing novel. One reason appearance plays such a pivotal role in attraction is the fact that strength and wellness indicate mating potential. Human beings assess one another’s appearance as an indicator of health, even if they don’t realize they’re doing it. That’s because, evolutionarily speaking, health and attractiveness go hand in hand.

Both men and women tend towards this type of assessment, but the male cosmetic industry has been almost non-existent with the exception of shaving and cologne products, and the male health industry has focused on athleticism or mere maintenance rather than improvement. The women’s cosmetic and health industries, however, are highly integrated, giving women many options to both look and feel beautiful. Man1 Man Oil, however, has begun to address the need for a more holistic outlook on health and attractiveness for men.

Man1 Man Oil offers its consumers something different. This male-specific crème is intended for daily use in order to strengthen and moisturize the male organ’s sensitive skin. The product has the potential to improve the texture of genital skin, making a man’s peppino feel silkier to the touch and look smoother, healthier, and more appealing. Man1 Man Oil accomplishes this not through mere illusive cosmetic effects, but by nourishing and hydrating with the vitamins, minerals, and natural moisturizers which truly improve the health of peppino skin.

Men who begin a daily Man1 Man Oil routine may experience for the first time the increased confidence in themselves and their bodies which attends a truly holistic outlook on one’s own well-being. Men will notice positive changes in skin texture, sensitivity, and appearance when applying Man1 Man Oil to their peppinos on a daily basis. Men who use Man1 Man Oil are caring for more than just sensitive skin they’re beginning to care for their total body health, which supports a general attitude of confidence, health, strength and attractiveness which can be very appealing to current or potential partners.

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