Small Business Marketing – New Course Shows How To Promote a Local Business Online

New easy-to-understand internet marketing program shows small business owners how to increase revenues by getting found and seen online, using low-cost, low-risk web tools.

Online PR News – 17-June-2011 – – Asheville, NC – “More and more people are using the Internet to hunt for local products and services…as many as 97% of all consumers according to some surveys, use the web to locate local businesses.” says local internet marketing specialist, Chancer Reese.

Ms. Reese continued,” The major problem that too many small business owners face today is ‘Can local consumers find my company online?’

She goes on to say, “Due to today’s economy, potential customers either don’t have the spare time or want to have the expense of driving and visiting a local business just to check things out...”

“…So long before they ever call or visit a local business’s office or storefront, people are sitting down at their PCs and do some research on the company online...“

She says, “People are using the Internet to find local vendors, do comparison shopping, get phone numbers and email addresses, find driving directions or check business hours….”

“Unfortunately too many owners are still doing business as usual. All an owner needs to do is look at their revenue figures versus their advertising budget.

The numbers don’t lie – if their costs using traditional marketing methods like print ads, cold-calling, radio and television is going up while their sales are going down, they need to take another look at online small business marketing.” Ms. Reese said.

She explained, “This is why I strongly believe, during the next few years, especially during this slow recovery period, that learning how to effectively use the Internet market and promote your business is going to be the deciding factor between those local companies that succeed and those that fail.”

In order to help small business owners who might not be as familiar with online marketing as they are with other forms of advertising and promotions, Ms. Reese is introducing a new training course entitled “Web Marketing Made Simple!”

This training program was created to help those small business owners, service professionals, consultants, and entrepreneurs who are interested in learning how to effectively promote their local or small business using low-cost, low-risk web tools.

"Web Marketing Made Simple!” is composed of six core “building blocks” or modules – each module is further broken down into 2 individual lessons with assignments and supplemental training materials and videos.

Each lesson is emailed directly an email inbox once a week (every 7 days) and will be available for instant download and access.

Every module in the course is set up in sequential order so that each lesson builds upon the last one. Most lessons can be quickly studied and easily digested within 1-2 hours then put to use immediately.

This means a business owner can download lessons, at anytime and get started learning how to effectively market their local company online – within hours.

Each lesson is based on the “cookbook” style of training: Each lesson gives a list of “ingredients” or resources needed and then shown a step-by-step “how-to-do-it” section to turn those resources into an custom action plan:

• This system helps business owners determine what is missing from their current online marketing activities,

• Shows them how to analyze their current strategies and use proven direct response marketing principles to fix any weak spots, bottle-necks or mistakes,

• Discover which popular web technologies are the best suited for their business model,

• And finally the system will teach them to take everything they have learned, (techniques and marketing principles) and combine them into a effective online promotional campaign that will bring in business for years to come.

To register for this affordable self-paced learning program, visit:

About Chancer Reese
Ms. Reese is the owner of CLR Communications (, an Asheville NC based small business technology and local internet marketing company that works with small businesses and self-employed professionals across the world to develop results-oriented marketing campaigns and websites.

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