Eddie Van Halen and Peavey Electric Wolfgang Guitars Still Performing

Peavey Wolfgang guitars deliver vintage Van Halen quality sound to a new generation hungry for a rich, one of kind, legendary electric guitar tone.

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The names Eddie Van Halen, Peavey and Wolfgang guitar in the same sentence have always meant an unsurpassed quality custom electric guitar worthy of music legends. Even to this day, Wolfgang Van Halen guitars and electric guitar accessories high level of quality and customer satisfaction has not changed.
As we have evolved into an industrial and consumer driven society, electric guitar tone quality has been sacrificed to mass production, cheap components and poor workmanship. In an effort to discover a specific sound and tone in a guitar and inspire an era of music’s legendary guitarists and performers (such as Eric Clapton, Ted Nugent and BB king); Eddie Van Halen spent 35 years painstakingly self engineering the famous Wolfgang guitar.
In order to assist professionals and beginner electric guitar (ists) in their personal quest for the playing style (called “tapping”) that Van Halen made famous; a website with everything about the woflgang electric guitars by Peavey has been created.
Fueled by those fans and dedicated rockers who love the unique melodies and rifts that poured out of Eddie Van Halen’s handcrafted (originally only for and by himself) black guitar; this new website is dedicated.
The history of vintage Van Halen guitars goes all the way back to the early days of the rock group Van Halen; when a little known Eddie Van Halen and his brother Alex formed a band. Eddie (known to his friends and fans as EVH) was continuously seeking the perfect electric guitar tone and sound.

His self taught musician and guitar skills led EVH to discover that utilizing different wood types in crafting the guitar made a distinguishable difference in the overall guitar sound. His (EVH) ear was so well tuned; EVH could hear subtle changes in the sound whenever Peavey guitar centers altered any production procedures without his prior notification or permission.

Development of a guitar worthy of producing and acceptable for EVH to endorse would not come to fruition until 1997, after the birth of Eddie’s son Wolfgang. Originally the guitar was available in only a few colors (six total) including Ivory, black and four maple colored quilt pattern variations. Eddie originally played a signature black electric guitar while playing professionally and touring.

After years of design and engineering; the Peavey guitar is available in over thirty custom color models.

Purchasing a custom electric guitar is a uniquely personal decision, and often confusing for beginners. Electric guitars come in a large number of manufacturers, models and styles. It is important to make an informed and wise decision. The Wolfgang Electric Guitar Guide is designed to help you navigate this task successfully.
The free guitar purchasing guide includes how to buy used guitars, how to judge guitar prices, Wolfgang vintage guitar availability and even a section on a kid’s electric guitar. The information is interesting even to those who may only be looking for electric guitar accessories or just learning about the possibilities in electric guitars for sale.
Eddies son (Wolfgang) has now joined Van Halen, hopefully ensuring the legend goes on and that Wolfgang Van Halen guitars continue to provide music to people’s ears.

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