Tim Verbeek, Founder Of LA2DAY.COM, Says Fourth Quarter Advertising Results Are Improving

Popular Los Angeles lifestyle magazine, LA2DAY.com experienced a significant rise in advertising revenue according to founder Tim Verbeek.

Online PR News – 17-December-2009 – – LOS ANGELES, CA – Los Angeles' leading lifestyle publication LA2DAY.com has seen a significant rise in turnover over the last quarter of 2009, according to founder of LA2DAY.com, Tim Verbeek.

2009 has been a tough year for businesses across the world, and even more so for advertising dependent online businesses such as this Los Angeles lifestyle magazine. The online industry has experienced a slump in advertising revenue for most of 2009 and LA2DAY.com has felt the pinch too. However, things have started looking up with the fourth quarter of 2009 resulting in improved advertised results for the magazine.

LA2DAY experienced a substantial growth in turnover compared to previous quarters. This is a welcome change in the current climate where most online businesses are struggling to break even.

“It has been three quarters of steady decline and for online businesses that are dependent on advertising revenue like we are, so a rise in revenue is definitely a very positive sign. While it is probably too optimistic to expect a full recovery until mid 2010, a positive turnover over the last quarter has raised our spirits,” said Tim Verbeek, founder of LA2DAY.com.

As one of the trendiest LA magazines, LA2DAY.com is popularly recognized for being one of the best sources for news from the fashion world, juicy gossip and the lowdown on all the events in town. The online magazine also features a calendar that records various events across the city. Progressive growth through to 2010 will prove the magazine’s readership is regarded as a viable audience for advertisers looking to attract maximum attention.

The online magazine has been steadily rising in popularity ever since it started out and has garnered a dedicated readership of LA citizens. The steady flow of traffic has obviously not gone unnoticed by advertisers, thus resulting in LA2DAY.com’s positive turnover reports.

"Talk to any online business owner and they will tell you how tough 2009 has been compared to previous years because of advertisers tightening their pursue strings. Seeing any positive returns is a good sign for us. The fact that our revenues have gone up is very reassuring because it means online advertisers regard our magazine as a good outlet for their advertising. Now we can only hope that this means things are going to look up and the first quarter of 2010 will show even better reports," concludes Tim Verbeek.

LA2DAY is a leading Los Angeles magazine featuring a city events calendar and columns on fashion, health, relationships, dining, travel and other topics of interest for LA lovers.

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