Hand Truck Use Greatly Reduces Injury and Accident Incidence

In home and on the job injury and accidents can be reduced dramatically by the proper use of the correct hand truck. Hand Truck Reviews website provides helpful information and assistance in choosing, purchasing and using hand trucks or like equipment.

Online PR News – 17-December-2009 – – Putting Safety First with Proper Hand Truck and Moving Equipment
Many accidental deaths and permanent or serious injuries occur each year due to the mishandling and moving of large or heavy items from one place to another. These injuries (or deaths) occur both in the workplace and the home. Some of these mishaps could be avoided by the proper use of a hand truck (or similar equipment) in the moving of items.
Each situation is different, and your choice of equipment will be dictated by the following:
• Size and weight of the items you will be moving. Very heavy and large items may not go onto a transport vehicle easily. Many industrial accidents are caused by workers becoming injured (falls, sprains, strains and broken bones are examples). When appropriate mechanical assistance (such as trolley wheels and scissor lift tables); the incidence and risk of injury is decreased.
• The environment in which you will be moving the item (such as a warehouse, outdoors, terrain, and others) will be a determining factor in what equipment is suitable for you to use.
• What the item consists of is a detrimental determining factor in the equipment you should utilize. For example, if you have a gas cylinder (like oxygen); there is a special type of folding hand truck made specifically to move cylinders. Hand Trucks Reviews will give you details about where these specialty folding hand trucks can be purchased, the best type to buy and unique features a particular type or model has. Features such as built in straps (for holding the cylinder securely in place) keep dangerous and often caustic or flammable chemicals from falling over, rolling about when transported or worse-causing a serious injury.

Determining what mechanical assistance your situation requires is the first step in making an informed decision about purchasing equipment. Knowing the types available and what is the best use for them will help you do this. All of this information is provided at no charge via Hand Trucks Reviews
Hand trucks manufacturers are reviewed and particular manufacturers performance abilities are evaluated with side by side comparisons made with other manufacturers. When companies only produce a certain kind of equipment; the website will inform you of this.
Topics and types of equipment evaluated at Hand Truck Reviews include:

1. Yard Carts-Everything you need to know to purchase the right yard cart for your task.
2. Warehouse Forklift Systems-In depth information to help you improve your business production with the use of the correct warehouse forklift system for your needs.
3. Folding and Packaging Machines-When products are placed in appealing packaging; sales increase. Packaging can be strategically used to improve shipping ability and still be attractive to buyers. When folding and packaging machines are utilized properly they not only increase sales but decrease production costs and improve safety as well.
4. Forklifts for Sale- A guide full of information to assist you in buying a forklift for sale.
5. Warehouse Shelving-Ways to maximize warehouse storage space and keep overhead costs down.
6. Used Pallet Racking-How to successfully locate used pallet racking (also called warehouse shelving) in s specific geographical region (west coast).
7. Appropriate Packaging for Food Stuff to make it much easier to transport
Manufacturers of specific mechanical assistance equipment include Magliner hand trucks and Yale manual pallet jacks. These manufacturers are reviewed in detailed for you at Hand Truck Reviews.
Smaller, manual folding hand trucks for personal or home use are briefly discussed in addition to the industrial applications covered.
Whether you have a business, workshop, or just need assistance with storing and moving items that are difficult to manually move; Hand Truck Reviews can give you many ideas and innovative solutions to use.

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