Panorama Releases a 2009 ERP Software Report Focused on the Hospitality and Entertainment Industry

Panorama Releases a new report on the use of ERP software within the Hospitality and entertainment industry

Online PR News – 17-December-2009 – – Denver, Colorado - Panorama Consulting Group, an independent ERP consulting firm, today released a new ERP report focused on ERP software usage within the hospitality and entertainment industry.

This portion of Panorama’s 2009 ERP Report outlines the use of ERP software at companies within the hospitality and entertainment industry, including a comparison of ERP results to other industries. This study includes metrics on ERP implementations and includes average project budget, implementation timeframes, and actual project costs. The 2009 ERP Report also covers implementation variables such as the level of software customization and ERP modules deployed.
The report reveals that SAP is the leading ERP vendor for hospitality management and entertainment software usage. Oracle and Microsoft follow SAP, with the remaining market share divided among Tier II ERP vendors. These Tier II ERP software vendors retain a 24% market share, which is fairly comparable to Tier II ERP usage within other industries.
“As with past ERP studies, the 2009 ERP Report reveals that large Tier I ERP solutions are not the only viable software options,” says Eric Kimberling, President and Founder of Panorama Consulting Group. “There are plenty of Tier II and industry-focused ERP vendors that can meet the complex requirements of companies within the hospitality and entertainment industry.”

In addition to market share, the study also reviewed ERP implementations and ERP project variables such as implementation timeframes, cost, and module usage. “The average implementation time for hospitality and entertainment companies is two months greater than ERP implementation timeframes in other industries. This extended implementation helps support the report’s data that showed the hospitality and entertainment industry is much more likely to exceed budget estimates. Our survey data stated 67% of ERP implementations in this segment went over budget, which is 10 percentage points higher than in other industries,” says Kimberling.

“In today’s evolving business environment, the hospitality and entertainment industry is very concerned with maximizing profits and minimizing expenses. Their aggressiveness with reducing waste and controlling costs needs to transfer over to their ERP projects so they can truly obtain a rapid return on investment. If the right ERP solution is selected and implemented with experienced ERP consultants, the ERP solution will translate into more efficient and optimized day-to-day operations,” says Kimberling.

Companies such as Panorama Consulting Group offer independent ERP software selection and implementation expertise, as well as tools that help hospitality and entertainment companies reduce their total cost of ownership and optimize measurable business results.

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