Defiant shoppers determined to splash out with voucher codes this Christmas

Shoppers are defying the recession by spending more this Christmas, and many are using voucher codes from sites such as VoucherSeeker (, for money off products, to stretch their budget as far as possible.

Online PR News – 17-December-2009 – – Last Christmas retailers witnessed their worst Christmas sales in years. Shoppers hit by the recession were simply not spending money, high street stores resorted to bringing sales forward in order to try to temp spending. Retailers feared the same would happen this season as another unsettled year is set to hit consumers.

However, a year on this does not seem to be the case. Earlier this week stores such as John Lewis reported that shoppers are breaking all time weekly sales records in the run up to Christmas. Items such as fashion, watches, gaming products and sewing machines were the more popular products sold.

This year it seems shoppers are determined to enjoy their Christmas, despite an unclear year ahead. Consumers are more resolute to treating themselves and family. However, shoppers are being more savvy about the way they shop and where they shop, turning to the internet as a way to save money. Research by Deloitte found that 7 in 10 people are planning on buying their Christmas gifts online this year. In fact, their research found that 46% more people are planning on purchasing online this year than last year. Retailers have also noticed the increased interest, with 75% of retailers stating that online sales have increased compared to last year, and 85% expect it to increase next year.

Online shopping is becoming so popular that the second Monday in December is now famously named ‘Cyber Monday’, where online sales rocket as consumers try to make purchases for the big day. This year, Cyber Monday is expected to have made sales of £320 million for online retailers.

“People are watching their spending very carefully this Christmas,” states Neil Ainsworth, VoucherSeeker Director. “They want to create a magical Christmas, and are using promotional codes such as Vodafone promotional codes ( and Currys discount vouchers ( from VoucherSeeker to make sure they get the most out of the money they have.”

Consumer awareness of promotional code sites has risen, as consumers search for more ways to save money. Shoppers are now well aware of prices for products both online and off. The internet is now a useful tool for shoppers to compare prices for products and ultimately achieve the best price for items.

Another factor which may influence the purchasing decision for shoppers is the price of delivery. Many stores are offering free delivery over the Christmas period, which is proving all too tempting for shoppers, who dread the thought of over crowded shopping centres and not being able to find products. Research by RBS WorldPlay found that as retailers are unable to afford hiring enough staff to cope with the Christmas rush, queues within stores are becoming longer. Stores with longer queues put more consumers off and as a result these consumers are more likely to look elsewhere for their products, either online or in another less busy store. Shopping online gives consumers the comfort of shopping in their own home, the ability to shop around for the best prices and the opportunity to use vouchers for money off items.

The internet has now become a staple for Christmas shopping. Whilst last year saw retailers struggling to spark interest amongst consumers, online retailers had less difficulty. The ease of access and use of voucher codes by retailers ensured consumers were happy with spending online.

Deloitte claims that the online retail market will be worth £25 billion by 2010, in 2005 it was worth £9 billion. The rise is due to consumers finding purchasing online more convenient, whilst the rise in discount voucher sites such as VoucherSeeker make discounts for well known brands more available.

Shoppers are determined to make Christmas special this year, with many planning on spending more this year than last. One way consumers are managing to treat themselves and their families to a bigger Christmas is by using discount codes and vouchers from sites such as VoucherSeeker (, for money off items.

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